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They're just going to try and hit it hard aren't going to be as connected as what we see. Nobody is in charge. They don't have a Kevin Feige one guy or one person who was like here are twenty like he mapped out one films. And it was like, this is how everything connects everything makes sense. I also think it's just an attitude thing DC is still remember in the nineties the DC's we had them we had to Batman films. That were pretty good, right? I mean to Batman films that are pre terrible. They get all had to do with. The director Schumacher just Schumacher all over that thing. What exactly? So the the first director who's for some in very in Burton Burton hush wou can edit that out exactly gave me dry fly here. So Tim Burton comes along. And I think he has a vision to treat this with a sense of maturity, and then Schumacher comes along. It's comic book crazy colors bring in like a soundtrack and DC is never the problem. They have. Is the people that don't leave that mentality. They get maybe someone who's a fine director. But they're like, oh, it's a comic book. Yeah. And they they treat it like, oh, it's a comic. I've heard people say, you know, oh, this isn't a comic book storyline. As an insult. If you go to mope pop right now. And you go to the fantasy Sega can hear people talking like authors at talking about, you know, oh, I want something more with that. I don't wanna comic book. I think is what they said. When you get a director who treats film like that. Without a sense of maturity, like we got with like Batman begins then you end up with these films that people are just like, okay, great. I'm glad you made a chunk of change. But nobody respects you, you know, MC you has treated this with maturity and people respect them for even if you throw like a Hoke out there something like that in the end, they're respecting you. They just keep doing this in. So we'll kind of what what direction DC decides to go with after AM and one of them nineteen eighty four which got pushed back six months, so. Actually, no almost a full year. Because now it is twenty twenty. So it should be out. This summer vows mapping DC exams on April. Ninety four and like, June, July, July leisurely August. Yeah. Why not? But no it is going to be another year. So just odd to do that. Yeah. Speaking of odd choices still in the comic book realm of movies, a movie that I legitimately keep forgetting is coming out X men dark Phoenix. Dropped a poster two weeks ago of like, you know, gene, kind of half and half of Phoenix Jean grey. Then they dropped another trailer. I forgot about this movie legitimately forgot that it was coming up because it was this was supposed to last year, and they pushed and pushed it they have said so this has screened with test audiences redefine times that is not a good sign. The tests onscreen isn't a bad on the test saying is low. Yeah. The fact that after each of those they have done these massive re-shoots is a problem. So they dropped this new trailer drop us new poster they reveal almost the entire movie in the trailer. Apparently, there's more what they're saying. Sure. I I have no faith in this. And it just. I don't know what they're doing. It looks bizarre. Yeah. It looks weird is adult. Dave, dave. There's like zero continuity with these film, which is the big problem and one of the things that could reveal the trailer..

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