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Two To get to it Victor frankel's man's search for meaning is another favorite And you mentioned Marshall goldsmith what got you here won't get you there And finally I have to mention my wife's book called aligned becoming the leader you're meant to be and her name is all chancellors on tier one of the best leadership book that I've ever read But of course a little bit biased maybe Maybe a little bit by a stem So you work with grad students in college students What sort of advice would you give to a recent college graduate who is interested in a career either as an executive or in leadership or or even in retail I think the advice is the same as we give the new CEOs Right your retirement speech Or even better write your eulogy And I know my good friend John donahoe is now this year of Nike This when he graduated and is always kept it and I understand he goes back to it every year And it's hard you know you have children there between the ages of 26 and 34 Early in your adult life you don't necessarily know everything but try to write it and see what journey you want to be on and how you want to be remembered That would be one shot Quite interesting And our final question what do you know about the world of leadership and executive management today that you wish you knew a couple of decades ago when you were first getting started Well there's so much over the years I think it has to do with profits being an outcome not the goal It's about importance of looking at drivers of performance It's about my role as a leader is that to be the smartest person in the room but to create the right environment Notify being perfect Nobody's perfect And I think that the quest for maybe I'll finish with this The quest for perfection can be very dangerous can be evil right Because if you're trying to be perfect guess what You're not going to be successful You're going to be incredibly demanding and harsh with people around you because you're going to expect them to be perfect And so you have to be like be kind with yourself and others around you And be able to open up and share what you're struggling with understand what they're struggling with and help each other out That's the I think to me that's such an important consideration The quest for perfection can be very dangerous Be kind be kind to yourself You know during the pandemic we learned so much right When we used to fly around very long time ago on planes right And we were told by this to it or there's two of us is the oxygen mask comes down Put it on yourself First before you help that is So as we continue to go through challenging time taking care of yourself as a leader Making sure you meditate You reflect the exercise The actual.

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