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And now Brian May. And Roger Taylor have come in and worked Freddie's vocal into huge chunk of this film. The majority of which I think the the world will be very pleased. But there are moments are moments in the film where you can tell it's using live with it's not necessarily the performance sections, though when when onstage states and he's singing to people to singing almost an impromptu. Singing, right. Feels like it's you there's there's an amalgamation of voices. Yeah. Okay. So you there's quite a compendium of of Queen hits in the movie. Is there anything that you didn't get to sing or perform that you were a slightly disappointed about there's no there's no flash. For example, in the in the film. There's no flash flash. There is I mean, there is so much throughout the film. As I grew to be the fanatic that I am now, I call myself, a Queen fanatic. I can't you know coming in every dancing. Well, what about this? How can we incorporate this on what about these moment? One thing. I did that I did early on which was really useful is I took all of the. Songs that Freddie wrote and wrote out his lyrics, just as you see what he was underneath everything. Because obviously that's coming straight from his soul. Yeah. Yeah. So in getting to know, some of the less lesser known, Freddie. Mercury songs I kept saying well, can we put this in we? Of course. Yeah. Of course flash. At one point. I said we we should move in between scenes with just flash every time as joke. Yeah. Right. Every scene in the film that would be a different movie you mentioned earlier on. I mean, you're clearly somebody went into this ferry prepared and fray determined to turn up day one. Knowing as much by Freddie and feeling much off ready. I guess as you possibly could. Now does that it's not something you've always had through your career? Or does that come from the experiences growing up as an actor where you're you're doing a day playing gig or something like that? Maybe you haven't been prepared as you would like do you think do not again? Well, no, I've never I like to think that have come come prepared to every job doing it. I don't wing it. No. I I find myself drawn to roles that would never allow for winging to be an option. I mean, they've yeah. I I enjoy playing very complicated. Individuals and it's not only doing Justice to to Freddie and honoring Freddie, but there's a a legacy there, and and people millions of people who have a relationship. With him that respond to aspects of his life and his personality that they can connect with. So there's no option to to wing it. When when you know something like that of this weight is on the line, and that goes for any role because I'm if someone appreciates the role. They obviously connected to it in some way. And I take that responsibility. It it it too heavy one for me. Yeah. And and for me as an actor, the the preparation is one of my favorite parts of this gig. I love I love the moment to moment being in front of a camera and collaborating never, you know, of course, bringing spontaneity to to every moment. But I think the greatest moment of spontaneity calm when when you've done a substantial amount of homework, we have. Stuff to to draw upon is there, and then you can just let loose and what better way to let loose on camera than by playing, Freddie. Mercury. Something about you. I I. Try to usually harness. What I'm doing in front of a camera because I'm very aware how well camera picks up on every single nuance. In emotion, you're feeling and add say one thing I had to get used to Freddie is how big and bombastic I could be in front of a camera. And I remember I remember Tom Hollander came up to me one day after shooting seating. Are you always this loud? Think about the character. No. I'm definitely not always this allowed. That's amazing. I have to ask about the the the director on this movie started out with Bryan singer Brian left the project towards the end of production, Dexter Fletcher came in as an actor. What's that like the crossover from directed to to rector? Does it? Give you pause or do you just take?.

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