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And so that was one, which is better than most adept patients. Sure. That's Jamie's affects. I mean it's no cat facs with Caitlin. Are there cats and he's movies? There's no cats. Harsh. There's a dog in the second one but hard, dog and both of them. There's a dog. Yeah. Seen in the first one almost made me cry yesterday. I don't know why when he like picks it up and takes it on the escalators just before that the part where he likes steps escalator pulls his leg back. I almost I just started. He's so afraid right now, I don't know why. And then, like, also the scene at the end where he's climbing up with the vacuums and then like one of the vacuums stops. And he just starts falling towards the fire. I was like, oh, my what, what the fuck are. They do. I don't know what place. I'm in. I have multiple points in both of these movies. I, I kept, because we have like a Paddington bear toy at my house. When I was little, and I kept thinking that he was a toy and not an actual bear, which is certain points would make a big. Yeah, but I yeah, I kept forgetting that he was valuable thing. Thing actual bear, who came from Peru. Yeah. I guess I wanna talk a little bit more about each of the main female characters we get to know starting with MRs Brown, because she is kind of largely responsible for getting the story going like she's the one time, yes, she's the one who approaches Paddington at the station. She's the one who keeps challenging her racist husband to, like say, let's just help him. Like it's just for the night. Yeah. Why are they married? They have nothing in common doesn't make any sense. Judean jonathan. And then in movie, two in Paddington to it's Mary, who is a specially hell bent on trying to figure out who the actual thief is she's doing all the drying. She goes full Sarah caney. She's got a fungi pin like this means this means this year's it's like holy shit. She liked breaks and enters into Phoenix House. She really goes like full investigative reporter. Yeah. Yeah. Just like how active she is. And how much of a driving force she is to keep the narrative going in both movies in both times, like in spite of her husband, she is continuing to advocate for this bear who becomes her bare son. In the first one, she's like, I'm no. I love this bear. Also, he should be our son. And then the second I she's like he's our son now. Please stop being rude to prisoners, and she moves each time. Yeah. That's where like, Mr Brown, you can see he does inch forward as the plot goes on each movie, which is encouraging one thing, I do not love about that character. Is that he always gets a cathartic speech and moment for making a very basic human decision where he's like actually racism is bad. And every time like a white guy says that they like a standing, oh, and this movie kind of gives it to him. And this. It wins an Oscar and kind of the same thing in the second one. He has a little cathartic speech and every time that happens, you're just like your, your wife has been saying that for five hundred. Yeah. Jamie Mendy redeem themselves all the time. There is a moment in Paddington to where Mr. MRs Browner sneaking through Phoenix Buchanan house..

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