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If japan robertson always again james neel finish and all that threegoal second against mad murray bile pekka rain arena and the parades improve the eight one on home ice this postseason biggest win in franchise history as rent add twenty seven saves getting his first win in ten career starts against the pens nashville beating pittsburgh five to want to pull within two one in the stanley cup finals to assist as well on the night for yosi a pain wins in the series again two to one steve levy barry melrose from nashville in the praise getting on the board in the cup final what happened i will where did this come from five warm front will number one it's very hard to beat a good team threetime than romashorta times are all i think pittsburgh took a little lightly i didn't see the buyer and the pittsburgh penguins that i saw in in previous couple of games all tender was very good at grigny had a rebound game this was the second period with things finally got on your radio is going to see a little bit of a backup their defense was up in the grill a natural predator faith pradier just a hunger behind that we have cnet on under for a long time natural national winning every race on the first what we saw a nice little saucer pass that comes across lance that one time robin on what the one time at the national defence when used more than any other defense any joe they do it better than any other defence manage he had the defense from doing what they've been doing in the pla if you had the forwards doing what they've been doing plant fast you've had the hunger and the heat on the loose pox that they used tonight that they have used for the last two games and end goaltender that we said with muchmaligned didn't play wild laughter game really rebounded apart from the first goal later rocksolid game so everything that natural needed to change they changed and frankly our work the pittsburgh penguins and i'll gold under the brick bang with nearly in sports that are all night on espn radio on the espn app i am jim basketball from baseball edison volkers came into saturday start which is one win in his first eight.

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