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Up behalf of kingsford charcoal to celebrate two of america's great passions baseball and barbecue fire up randy great to talk with you well it's so nice to talk with you buster and yes what better time to be barbecue with kingsford and baseball fourth of july coming up weekend nice how good are you at barbecue and i'm not very good at it how about you practice makes perfect i wasn't really good at pitching either in the very beginning but i definitely enjoy barbecuing have since retired obviously i've had a lot of opportunity now to practice at it when i was playing a usually left the the better barbecue or do their thing but now that i've retired i've taken on a lot of things such as this and have become pretty good at barbecuing and like i said i'm here erin zona so every day's a good day to barbecue because it's always nice outside and obviously it's the baseball season now so the two go hand in hand whether you're at home or you're at any particular ballpark you they're barbecuing it the ballpark too there you go well i loved asked this question of hall of famers you know you guys when you get together and cooperstown there's that dinner that you have in the time we get to hang out with other hall of famers who's a guy that you've gotten to know or you've enjoyed spending time with it at dinner and getting to pick pick that person's brain well i think the first year the us that i'd got inducted honestly after all of the after all the buildup in sunday's induction was over then we came back to the hotel and did the the big group photo and then we went up to the bow balcony at the hotel outside of where we were going to be having our dinner and just opportunity to talk to people that are otherwise wouldn't have you know i otherwise wouldn't get.

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