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At number nine in the ultimate mock draft. I'm cody war. Coast of lockdown broncos and with the ninth overall pick in the two thousand twenty one locked on nfl mock draft the denver broncos. They selected jc horn quarterback on south carolina. And this is a great addition for the broncos were vic fangio and the defense despite the team's offseason moves in free agency of signing ronald darby to a three year deal and kyle fuller to a one year deal this move makes sense for the broncos to go best player available and when you look at the long term outlook at cornerback for denver. Kyle fuller's here on a one year deal. Bryce callahan deal. The broncos will be up after twenty twenty. One endeavour has to evaluate how they want to build in the future. This is a great pick for the broncos with horn hornhues athletic measurable. 's test off the charts. He's a fast physical and very smart. Cornerback that will fit very well. In vic fangio's defensive scheme now some of the other players we contemplated kayla farley but due to some concerns with his medicals opting out of last season he recently had back surgery even though the broncos interviewed him in the pre draft process. Jc horn seem like the best pick for the organization at this time especially in a tough afc west division or they have to play patrick mahomes and although receiving talent they do have okay. Now we're starting to have some fun matt going away from a consensus big board. Here cody going with the first defensive player in this mock draft a going with cornerback and not the one who's consistently mocked number. One patrick sutan no go into south carolina with j. c. horn. Yeah and denver. Did some things corner already including adding fuller. I thought this might be mike. Parsons we we often talk about. How vic fangio covered covets. A stud every down linebacker. I thought slater might be somebody. That would mean mike. Check would welcome with open arms. It's put them somewhere on that line. And i would have guessed 'certain before horn but warn is big physical nasty. I mean a tremendous athlete. And this stock seems to be skyrocketing right now absolutely skyrocketing and his demeanor the more you watch him. I think the more you like. Jesse horn and his workout numbers. Fantastic running sub four fours on certain watches with super long ours and and that physical attitude. He brings the position to a little bit too. Which i think sometimes coaches do like when they see their db's with that attitude and the way he plays jc horn go into the broncos at nine jason lockenfora with his thoughts on selection. Awesome heart is clearly one of the best corners in this class. Is he the best. I don't know. I think it depends on what type of defense you're going to play and what you expect him to do. He's not someone who excels naturally in run support vic fangio usually once a lot of that out of his corners but certainly has the ability and coverage to play any scheme you want his ability to blitz and get home doing so has to excite the broncos but personally patrick certaines a little bit bigger i tend to favor that a little bit in my corners as well and if the kid from virginia tech fairly didn't have some of the medicals i think he'd be hearing a lot more about him being the first corner taken regardless. Jc horn won't have to wait long to hear his name called. Whether it's from the broncos or someone else the denver broncos who have been searching for a starting caliber quarterback since peyton manning hit the wall. Well yes they absolutely should consider quarterback here. They should be very willing to move up to get a quarterback if necessary and if they do in fact come away with a corner from this pick it very well could be opportunity lost. I don't believe justin fields is ultimately going to slip that much. There others out there who will tell you he might. Denver should absolutely be there to break his fall. If in fact that is the case even amac jones i suspect would have some injury to them as would trae lance one of them again could very well be there. They're under new management anymore. This is not just john elway and his evaluations of the position and frankly elway has suffered to find someone to man the position. This new office by no means sold on drew lock. Yes indeed denver. Better be and should be thinking about quarterback. Chris gordy actually covers the entire. So he's going to talk about this election for the broncos with jc horn from south carolina at number nine. Hey guys chris gordon here from locked on. Sec and talking about a south carolina gamecocks today. Jc orne expected to be one of the top defensive backs taken in this draft. He was a three year starter. Only played in seven games here in the sec. Teammates decide out. After wilma camp was let go. He did have to picks that levinson sample sizes. You're really good. Cover owner fit probably just about any scheme at the next level. It's got a good bloodline good. Pedigrees the son of former saints great wide receiver. Joe horn the. Nfl looked. you can never have enough good cover corners at jc seahorn projects to be really good with the next level in patrick surtout of alabama. They're both going to go in the first round. he really can't go wrong with either of them. But i think own could be really really good. The highest draft of south carolina gamecocks out of out of south carolina since two thousand fourteen david and what number one overall. We'll keep an eye on. Jc horn see where he gets drafted. This year's draft joel merino. And kyle crabs from the draft news podcast. We've got some fun. Picks to respond to hear. I up the carolina panthers at number eight despite trading for sam darnold they go ahead and snag. Trae lance to add to this quarterback room. And i'll tell you what it's definitely a hatch right. if sam darnold. They picked up that fifth year option. And it's kind of a two year deal with sam darnold and what they're going to have to do at the end of two years this figure out what direction they want to go. And that could mean letting. Sam darnold walk because he didn't quite meet expectations. And if that's the case they certainly have a guy. That's talented in trae lance that you know maybe isn't ready to play right away. So gives him the time to develop in I guess the real fascinating part of this pick is going to be what happens two years from now. You wanna talk about hedges. The denver broncos they bring in kyle fuller in free agency. They bring in. Ronald darby still drafting. Jc horn the corner out of south carolina. To play in this vic fangio defense and listen. There's no such thing as too many corners you're playing in division with patrick mahomes justin herbert looking like he is going to be a force to be reckoned with with. The chargers. Pass catchers for years to come so denver. He identity this team with a defensive minded coach rightfully so is on that side of the football. Jc horn is going to give the broncos an extension that. Make sure that even if you get guys banged up bryce callahan. It has some issues with durability. Ronald darby has some issues with their ability. Regardless with this edition you are going to have the corners you need to handle or at least try to handle the firepower in the afc west the dallas cowboys on the clock at pick ten markaz mosier and landon mccoo standing by the hosts of locked on cowboys. A corner surprisingly selected at nine cornerback almost always the mock draft selection here that i see for the cowboys at picton. And it's usually patrick ser tan. Who was not the selection right in front of them. Could it be that. Maybe everybody secretly does like horn more and was stolen from.

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