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B. B. M.'s Nancy hardy reports stream would fire chief Chris Clark was among those who responded to a call of an explosion and fire in a town home on **** bark lane at around four PM I was the first one to arrive and that there were indeed windows blown out of town houses on the siding and blown off he says a fire in the basement appears to have started after a contractor installing the heating and air conditioning unit cut through the natural gas supply for the building the contractor was taken to hospital with cuts the town homes sustained significant damage but the units on either side did not in C. hearty these radio one oh five point nine FM Lake Forest police say a thirty two year old north Chicago man has been charged with child endangerment for leaving his two sons in a closed up parked car for more than two hours this morning the way Wake Forest deputy police chief rob Copeland explains it it could have been a fatal mistake our after assume that the heat inside that vehicle was probably over a hundred twenty degrees and that they were probably in there for you know two hours at that temperature or greater Copeland says thirty two year old Brenden Wilson left his eight year old the nine year old son's inside his vehicle outside northwestern Lake Forest hospital where he had gone for medical treatment for himself and hospital security alerted police after the boys repeatedly honk the horn the windows and they were both channel RJ and they were sweating profusely Copeland says the boys were treated at the hospital Steve Miller news radio one of five point nine FM mayor Laurie Lightfoot says she wants Chicago to build a memorial to the nineteen nineteen race riot whose centennial the city observed this past weekend and they are also wants to see the Chicago public schools teach lessons about it I'd like to see very specific course taught a Chicago history it civics in general so that's something that we're in conversation with with doctor Jackson routine life it says many Chicagoans know little about the nineteen nineteen race right the left more than three dozen dead Chicago police are asking for help locating a man who's been reported missing for nearly a month Edward Bosley was last seen July second in the three hundred block of north.

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