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Katie Fitzgerald says she's never seen a need for food like this year. I think this is the worst food in security crisis this country has faced in the history of food banking in this nation, which is about 40 years old girl says the need for food is even worse now than when the pandemic began. Sudden, urgent and relent Ng need that we see now is not anything we've experienced before. Fitzgerald says congressional action could help. Where we have the greatest need is with Congress taking up another bill, or or the USDA taking additional action to increase Federal commodity food in into the charitable food system. As we're staring at a 50% decline in that food, come January, breaking news and analysis a town hall dot com. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau s government is vowing to spend tens of billions more dollars to help the country recover from the pandemic. Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Christiane Friedland says the country is facing its most severe challenges. The second World War, the worst economic shock since the Great Depression, and the worst health crisis is the Spanish flu over a century ago. The cost to date has the federal deficit reaching a record 381.6 billion Canadian dollars This year, however, the government says it could close in on 400 billion of widespread lockdowns return in the coming week or spotted Jeremy House number two Notre Dame wrapped up a spot of the A C C title game by virtue of league shoveling it scheduled Tuesday. Great an open date for the fighting Irish Never before Clemson before they're likely rematch on December 19th Tigers can clinch a spot of the championship game with the victory of Virginia Tech Saturday. Or in the stories of town hall dot com. On Patrick Pause. This is Randy Brown with the Patriot Detroit.

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