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Number two as we roll on through eight to ten through Friday on the flame thrower AM side. Seven twenty one one five on the FM. Thanks to the legend j t the brick joining us here in studio. Love JT, we're really going to get into silver and black state stuff. I mean, again, the raiders coming here two thousand twenty eight years go, by the way with them going back to Oakland gives us a chance to cash again on Oakland final home game in in Oakland. Like we did last year with the Denver was it the second last Monday night game. A believe was yes. All over again, this one I be anti-climactic because if they signed a two year deal, and then people be like, well, maybe they're coming back next year. Now, we know there have you had Tommy on. I'm trying to get Tom. If you're out there come on. I know you're busy. But for the love of God, we need you in studio. Tommy white labors union, eight seventy two to head honcho guys busier than busy, but we will have him here. And he comes in here wearing his his raider. I mean, the guy looks like he would be part of the raider organization. I mean, he's just got everything. Align back then. And you know, it's funny is when his niece net. Tommy, of course, doing that. Charity event over there in Roseville, California. And then getting all these pictures developed and GT debris talking about some of the iconic black hole fans and friends with the bud grim raider and violator my buddy, Wayne may Brienne Nicaragua. And all these folks that were out there for this charity golf tournament for high school football, blunt brain trauma, and a bunch of the rate of villapiano andbranch in bullet, neca while Belinda cough was his wife showed up because he was he had another obligation. Rod Martin was there and a Plunkett lamonica and telling you, Daryl, Monica shakes your hand. It's still like a bear. But when I'm developing the pictures at Walgreens, and that's when this young lady when I'm picking them up, and she says, I saw a lot of your raider pictures. She says, you know, you probably know my uncle, and I said who's your and she's like Tommy white, and I'm thinking of going dang. It sounds like a linebacker Mant. I'm trying I swear to God, Andy I'm going like, but my dad had wackos ADA since he passed away. Resonates more with me now, we're lucky if you don't know just say, you don't know don't act like, you know, everything I go. You know? I can't remember, you know, when he played I so I I don't know. I don't mean to be ignorant. She said, no, no, no he didn't play. He's in charge of the eight seventy two labors union. He's in charge of building raiders stadium. So it's like, oh, really? It's so cool. I go. Well, here's my card. My radio show said I'd love to get him on the show sometime if you ever had literally like a day and a half later Tommy white calls, and you know, just left a message. I call him right back. And I'm like, hey, love to get you on the show, you know, the whole process and everyday greatest guy just loved him and eight seventy two labors unions been a sponsor sports X radio, you know, ever since pretty much. I mean Tommy's that type of guy Andy seventy two labors union to show you the type of organization they're not just about building the stadium and making money. They do a lot of different things. They helped sports X, Michelle. Of course, he's a teacher here grade teacher, the we're trying to raise money on a gofundme page for a trip further third grade class to go to the shark reformer Mandalay bay. Eight seventy two labors union paid for the whole thing. I mean, that's the way that these folks work in the community, and Andy, that's why you and I love Vegas home. And that's the thing that you don't hear about because it's organsations like eight seventy two they don't do it for the publicity. They do it. Because it's a nice thing to do. They're able to do it. And they know how much on the other end it's appreciated. There you go. All right. Real quick before we get with leeann Klein, we're going to talk some college hoops, we're really going to get into the raiders too. And I'm telling you, and like I said this a long time ago, I'm when Shapiro and sharp linear. And of course, they precede me on the Vegas. I told him the collar Murray would be the number one pick. I'm still sticking to that. I think Arizona is going to find a place where there to New England or Jacksonville or somewhere for Rosen to go. We'll wait and see. I don't think there's any other blue chip quarterbacks outside of Cuyler Murray. And the reason I think he's a blue Chipper is because the way the game is changing and because of his ability to get outside the pocket like a Mahomes like Baker Mayfield anti. Yeah. The game. Has clearly changed over the last half dozen years. I mean, it's it's changed gradually. I mean, you go back and remember really quarterbacks in the late seventies. They were all pocket passers with very few exceptions. And then of course, the the game has spit up the players were getting stronger, bigger and faster and the game has evolved. And now you've got to be that dual Wendy recall run pass option when do you recall RPO coming into his six year that ten years ago you had to play? But it didn't. It was not quite as commonplace as this thing. And that's what you're looking for. And. Yeah, I think this this year's quarterback class is not as good as last year's quarterback class at least entering the draft. Who knows who will surprise? And you know, what I haven't heard a lot of will Greer haven't heard his name a lot. There you go. Heisman Trophy candidate before the season started, no doubt about it? The guy's got great touch. Not a guy that's going to take off and run that often. But a similar guy like Derek Carr style. Derek carr. I think needs to get outside the pocket and run a little more. And I think if the raiders hold onto Derek Carr that that's probably where you're going to see from him a little bit more where he's got the speed. He's got ability, but he stands in that pocket sometimes too long and again in aging offensive line in certain spots. Still have Hudson in some of the other guys that are top line. Right. Can you get with leeann? And just a sexually hang tight. Richard badgen. Finley Toyota out-of-town scoreboard, not gonna let you know, if they covered or not you'll figure it out Pacers at home one twenty to one fifteen beat the T wolves one or three Ninety-six magic at home beat the warriors. How about the worst drop in two in a row is the first time all year. I'm not sure it it very well could have been. But certainly that line seemed very very short today about a four point favorite. And there were coming off of that shocking loss last night. So the fact that they were coming off a loss, and they were asking you to lay a little bit off the game either way because I would have liked to have played Orlando. But then all of a sudden Golden State wins by twenty I said, well, you know, what am I thinking of? But certainly it gave me pause to think about you bet if Orlando didn't lose to the Knicks the other day because all of a sudden, well, they are actually that score were. Yes, no doubt died isn't that's one on the dock in Cleveland beat the Knicks one twenty-five one eighteen at the garden rockets. One Twenty-one one eighteen over Miami. James harden, fifty eight points. Yes, he lost that streak with only twenty eight couple of games ago, but fifty eight back on track and an ice win by Houston at home by three over the Miami, Heat, jazz, seventy to sixty one the only game going right now they lead at Denver and Utah's been playing. Good solid. Basketball Denver's being consistent all year under Malone, seven and a half nuggets laying to twenty five and a half. We'll keep you up to. It on that game. Sixers on the road takeout. Okay. See and a good one one eight one of four in college. I'm surprised at Saint John's lost at home. Look, I know that Herron was playing, but I thought Saint John's our final game there. Lou carnesecca, we'll take care of business. Heck, they play better at Madison Square Garden and they're fortunate. That's where the big east tournament is put save here's been playing. Good solid ball. Gotta give them credit musketeers go in eleven eighty four. Seventy three northeastern comes back from a deficit beats Delaware on the road, seventy five sixty four they cover on the road. Eighty two fifty three all Michigan by twenty nine blowing out Nebraska in Ann Arbor. Trying to get over that loss to Michigan state. And that's a question we'll have for Leon incline in just two seconds, Andy, and I got into before dinner. Got there at villa pizza tonight. Wichita state, they get a last second buzzer beater to be Connecticut, sixty five sixty three let it sixty three sixty. And then what do they do? Martial. Doesn't foul. They give up to three pointer Yukon ties it, but Wichita fortunate get a buzzer beater win it by two sixty five sixty three Connecticut, backers get the money, he Lon wire-to-wire blowout, James Madison. On the road. Seventy three fifty eight sixty seven sixty five William and Mary both Pete Townsend by a deuce Hoster battled. Back went on the road. Do not cover the Drexel eighty to seventy seven Oakland sweeps the season series from Illinois Chicago beat the flames at home, eighty six seventy two golden grizzlies, Texas State still in first place by a game over the two Georgia's schools, fifty eight forty four they battled back and beat Troy on the road, Georgia Southern was on them tonight. They opened it up. Second half beat Arkansas Little Rock Eighty-one sixty six while Georgia state rolled Ron hunters team. The Panthers went seventy six sixty over Arkansas state, seventy five fifty seven all Mavericks, Texas. Arlington wins on the road. Beat the Jaguars south Alabama in mobile by eighteen big one seventy five fifty seven Monroe home win over app. State eighty one seventy five seventy to sixty seven wire-to-wire win pretty much for Wisconsin. Green Bay holding off Scot Nagy's Wright state raiders IEP you on the road the lose Detroit. Eighty-seven eighty-five titans. Get it done you off yet the raging cages row at home by Baker. Doesn't eighty three to seventy over coastal Carolina. The north of northern Kentucky. They are now tied for first again with right state if I'm not mistaken, and you're maybe take a one game lead. You have to check. I think they're tied now on northern Kentucky down six early in the game to Wisconsin, Milwaukee and even early second half comeback and win by ten sixty five fifty five Minnesota big win on the road for Richard Pitino. Win in Evanston, northwestern. Sixty to fifty Tulsa, they trailed nineteen to three out of the gate at home come back and win over two lanes. Seventy two to sixty four northern Kentucky rights state tied at twelve and five to game lead over Green Bay and Oakland in the horizon. There you go and I think only one regular season game. They'll flip flop right state. They will play at Milwaukee while the north play at Green Bay the finale for both those teams coming up on Saturday. Meanwhile, USC UCLA Bruins win at at paulie and overtime wild one ninety three eighty eight Stanford crushes wazoo Ernie Kent team can get out of the gate ninety eight to fifty cardinal Maples pavilion..

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