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And restaurants and a lot of downstate communities are angry about this and and Republican politicians as well in Winnebago county which is where Rockford is located they are planning to re open bars restaurants in churches June first despite Pritzker's plan as you know the governor has threatened to hit businesses with misdemeanor charges if they disobeyed his order but a lot of downstate and suburban sheriffs say they will not enforce any charges like that president trump is firing back against his critics who are upset that trump is taking the drug hydroxy chloride Quinn medical experts have said that it's dangerous it could possibly have fatal side effects but the president says that studies showing that this is a dangerous drug are biased against him and he says he's been feeling fine he's been taking the drug for over a week now some potential good news from Chicago based United Airlines United says it's seeing a moderate pickup in travel demand and fewer cancellations it plans a seventy five percent reduced schedule in July now that may sound bad but you compare that to a ninety percent reduced schedule for United in may and June it was a down day on Wall Street the Dow dying down three hundred ninety points well ladies does slide late in the day left the market broadly lower at the end of a choppy day on Wall Street WLS news time five thirty seven need to manage a changing workforce it's time to get to know express employment professionals visit express pros dot com to find one of over eight hundred and thirty locations to help support your work force needs Eisenhower slows and Damon and three ninety for the south suburbs it is still slow between Joe Orr road and Sauk trail because of an accident Jane Adams is found at route thirty one the accident slowing things down there that's traffic from the WLS Amy ninety traffic center I'm John Dempsey eight ninety WLS five thirty eight newsmax reminds you if you are in our CNN cable subscriber you will not be able to see important information on the president in America's economy.

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