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The fractious learning the importance of the spiritual in your life and not just the karnal in your life it's learning how to get ahold of god it's learning how to suppress those appetites that creep up how are you preparing for temptation in your life the bible gives us several different things that we need to be doing one of them is to be sober and be vigilant be sober minded frying he our christian life what is at stake in perspective to get to the place where you are not rigorous with your christian life when you are more soberminded what that's going to help you to do you're going to understand the importance of why devotion in the morning you're going to understand the importance of being on your knees when you start that day before the lord and have any real i'm with the lord before you leave make no mistake that is such a key part to your defense against impatient that's part of the battle right there that's getting in your mind in a place with the spirit of god can work in your life where he can direct you and keep you from that temptation when it comes so you know the way to escape you've got to be soberminded you've got to be vigilant about this you have to be active in your own life guarding against tim tation you have to know how to act when that impatient comes you have to know how you're going to respond when it hit have a game plan in place.

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