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Chase stock wasim compensatory picks nfl announced that since our since we last spoke last week yeah and i don't really care enough about it pry to go through and say this team got this in this team got the most i wanted to make the point made up before i don't think they should have compensatory picks i don't think there should be anything that in any way incentivizes teams to not resign their own guys why that's aloud why the nfl pa allows that to go on is beyond me there shouldn't be anything that falls into that category in my mind so that's number one number two it's not like you didn't win anything i feel like the more we get along some of these teams domos that they're trying to win the contest tori pick you know sing you don't win anything for compulsory picks is it nice to have him yeah have some teams figured out parts of the formula that help him get more yeah and is that smart business yeah but you didn't win anything speaking of winning by the way bri um we are winning with tuck kids dot com i don't know if you've got a chance to see the post from jay khan but to hear some of your guy's stories what you go through what you're into it's it's really mindblowing stuff and so what's the point that out jake um no what you're going through recently hope everything's ok buddy.

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