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Michael Zigler begins the new year with a new series of messages in which we meet the savior who can't stand still and is more much more than anyone expected. A lot of people like Jesus. Even if they don't like organized religion, they might be font of Jesus and Jesus for sure is a wise teacher. But if that's all you have to say about him, it's not enough. And so Jesus is too much. Jesus is too much for a merely human description of him, and Dr Daniel Pavel, a joins us later to talk about the book he describes as the gospel of breathless excitement. That's today on the Lutheran hour. Hello. I'm Mark. I sure Thanks for joining us today. Your gifts and prayers help the Luthor in our bring Christ to the nations and the nations to the church. Thank you for your faithful support. Now, here's our speaker, Dr Michael Ziegler. Sometimes he could be Too much. They were just discussing this taker's been getting so bouncy nowadays. That it's time we taught him a lesson. Rabbit, says two piglets and Pooh bear in the classic Children's book, The House at Pooh Corner, written by a A Milne 1928. It's the second in the syriza of books about the animals of the 100 Acre wood. It's the book that introduces the character. Tigger. Now they had never met anything like a Tigger before. And when they did meet him. It was too much. You're the donkey said it best, he said. I don't mind Tigger being in the forest because it's a large forest. Any room to bounce there. But I don't see why he should come into my little corner of it and bounce there. Bouncing is what you're called taking people by surprise. And that's what Tigger did. He was too much, and that's why Rabbit wanted to teach him a lesson. Haven't idea He said, And here it is. We take Tigger out on a long explore. Somewhere. He's never been And then We lose him there. And the next day when we find him Mark my words, he'll be a different Tigger altogether. You'll be a humble Tigger. Be a sad Tigger. Phobia. Small and a sorry, Tigger. Now, piglets who is generally fun of everyone wasn't sure about this idea. Although he did admit to himself privately, that however much you like Tigger. You couldn't deny it. He sure did bounce..

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