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In green bay he will be third done in fourteen the ball we sevenyard what a baltimore jabbar sal and use are the ball game in the back field to receivers to the left one to the right flaco to throw dumps it ought to allan allan at the ten it's up to the fifteen out of the sixteen yard line there is a flag it it may be unnecessary roughness speakers flaco was knocked to the grounds they spot the ball the sixteen yard line while no usually it's the it's jeff triplett it's the referee that calls it this is the empire oh yeah out of your whole vietnam for a cia over there where will walk near julian whoa all right so they work inferring about that you saw the what officials signal to jeff triplett that it may he may have been blocked in two and that is exactly what jeff trip what decides so it was triple who through the penalty flagged it was the other official came over and told him that he thought the player was locked into while know about that and they looked to be like austin howard the right tackle just got beat up added vigor was triple you're right at those the at the umpire that during the flight so before dowden now sam cooke will cut the ball away davis back to receive at he's back inside his thirty five in the near side who get it returned from the thirty one he cuts back inside the numbers to the forty now the middle of the field a spun down right at the forty yard line vince male laid the special stack holds a fifty three yard kick at now some pushing going out of the ad there is a flag down in the fields very yuli flag and it was thrown on the ravens sideline i think you know that the ravens coaches were not happy that a block in the back was a call a.

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