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Go to Crystal Palace us, sell your captain Benedict cured of it is to event a couple years ago for pennies to the dollar, and they didn't reinvest it any star players. They built from the youth and their youth hasn't matured yet. So they're getting their ass dumped, they has some transfers the got injured like Brill in bolo. This Swiss international. He he he backed by Armenia reet. He got he almost I think he had vehicular homicide this past summer. He he ran over somebody in Morocco lamarcus Alonzo, right? Yeah. After after the World Cup. He ran over somebody or Jesus Christ. All right. Yeah. I know about that. So I guess shock is had a tumultuous two years, and there's sporting director Christian Heidel just resigned as fail failure on the job. As a result of that. They think about this this time last year, they were the runners up to by Munich. They everything was golden grand in. I mean, it was Champions League and all this stuff. And you know, they're they're obviously not going to be competing for Europe this year. And yeah, it's it's a crying. Shame even as Dortmund fan. You know, people always say, you know, Australia. Manchester United is good for the Premier League strong. Liverpool's good. It doesn't matter. What side of the fence you stand on you want your top your top teams in the league to be strong to represent the league will a stronger shock is good for the Bundesliga. But I mean the way they've conducted business at the end of the day these clubs want to turn a profit. So they can go to the end of the year meetings, Kevin and tell their members and the board we we turned a profit for this year. And that's that's that's why you see small transfer budgets because they don't wanna overspend. That's why you see teams like a labor Kuzin who were about the probably sell Yu-lian Bryant, who's a very very awesome young up and coming German player labor Cousens loaded with talent. You know? I it's it's it's it's kind of a gold mine right now. And a lot of those players are obviously going to be leaving. Because at the end of the day. These players are going to say, hey, give me a raise. I wanna I wanna earn more income, and they're going to say, no, we have a budget that we're not gonna go above same reason a bomb Yang lift Dortmund..

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