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You just cannot penetrate the space or mobile phone signal just can't get through so it's like a Faraday cage and he would ultimately the next solar flare happens. I'm going to be sitting in my laptop. This is the anyone in here will survive the apocalypse I just you and me and you mentioned just you emerging into first of all we have to go and dry for our would have to try and repopulate the earth. That's GONNA get Oakwood very quickly so looking forward to this show because I started Dada doing <hes> the source and significance of coincidences from Sharon Hewitt Roll it on the loss plus episode yeah and this is encyclopedic in it's huge. It's like six hundred pages long. Something's not finished really <music>. I'm belly finished pot one. Oh well by the end of pot one. She's putting out feary see this is why I really like that. She's putting out theories as to why coincidences and synchronised cities happen from the perspective of of a philosophy of the way the universe operates and it's like a almost like a like attracts like natural law so law of attraction kind of idea will that the almost seems to bring a lining dining events together to put to happen at once like for example you you driving along and you're listening to the radio and a song about a junk yard comes up yeah like there's a there's a singer singing about junkyard dog and then as you driving posse look over and in as a junk yard with a dog in it and then you change the radio channel and it's an ad about some local junkyard the inventor of Junkyard Dog yes which is an actual synchronicity that happens and you just think well. What's the point evatt like it's amazing that all that happened within ten seconds but what's the point and as she makes his argument is basically up to that there? Is this kind of natural law that springing things together interesting. I'm really glad that you're going going to the topic today because I managed to pick up. A copy of Jon Foreman's the mosque of time and I know that we've been talking a little bit about time subs- recently so I didn't want to keep flogging that dead hall so they're GonNa get you know a restaurant however fortunately as I was going through this book I very we quickly realized that this book isn't really about time slips. I mean yeah some of them are in there. It's more about this unified theory about <hes> paranormal phenomena so when we had things like bees obscure as for example children that have imaginary friends to ghosting counters obviously two types of thrown in there but also pre cognition pre cognitive dreams it all links back into this fabric overlay of paranormal phenomena that sits on top of the human psyche or the human condition and as crazy as that sounds. It's almost like if you can imagine it visualize it that you have a bed obviously an honor bed. You'll have your you know your sheets and then you'll have your comforter or whatever else and on top of that they'll be a blanket that you may. I throw over it. She says this is like the the blanket that we might have over the top of it. It's like it looks flat <hes> but sometimes when you get into that bed and you're all around in the bed the blanket gets all scrunched up and parts of the blanket will collado the top of each other will become taught op within each other. It's the same with this phenomenon of the human psyche but in relation to time it's all linked in with time and time might actually explain why we have time slips why we have pre cognition why we have this extraordinary knowing it all links back into basically this universal layer that sits on top of all connected to we might be factoring in on the same conclusion potentially some.

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