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Thirty nine yard attempt to the Rams kicker Cairo Santos mcquaid center. Snap back down the line with twenty of leg day. Silence. The twelve with a go ahead field goal six. Oh, five left in regulation. Thirty three thirty one. Now is the final JBC long on Rams radio. Rams beat the Seahawks. Thirty three thirty one LA now five all elsewhere week five. It was the cardinals over the Niners twenty eight eighteen the Panthers beat the giants thirty-three thirty-one on Graham Gano sixty three yard field goal with no time left. It was the chargers over the raiders twenty six to ten. Vikings nip the eagles twenty three twenty one. Ben Rothlisberger with three touchdown passes. Steelers over the falcons, forty one seventeen jets thirty four Broncos sixteen the chiefs are five and older. The Jaguars thirty two fourteen Bengals over the dolphins. Twenty seven to seventeen in overtime the Browns over the ravens twelve to nine on a wreck. Joseph thirty seven yard field goal with two seconds to go. The lion's beat the Packers thirty one twenty three. And it was the bills over the titans. Thirteen twelve on Stephen houseguest field goal with no time left. Peter schwartz. Download the all new radio dot com app and listen to CBS sports radio anytime, anywhere. NBR's San Francisco. A Cumulus station..

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