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Happening here in Austria. Recently one about magic zipper, a new appreciation. Sorry, supermarket outlets Woolworth's and I've got this Woolworth's rewards kind of thing. And basically, you know, as long as you swap cod, every time he checkout, you'll get points towards, you know, maybe they'll give you a twain about your at some point if you discounts and that of stuff, which you'll seems like it's fantastic, but it's all so that can monitor these huge transactional data bases. So that can map at flaws for their stores and that kind of stuff. But what happened recently is that it was actually hacked that was I massive, massive hack, and everyone who would sign up and given that personal information on that was then exposed. And then of course, this is the problem is about the whole point about kill hia. Also, I click you to kill. Everybody is about is the fact that there was just a mass of data being created about you right now. And unfortunately, privacy is now gone. Anyone who wants to with enough motivation. You don't even need the technical, no hell will be able to obtain that information. Credit card numbers birthdates when you're likely to shower in the afternoon when you go to poop and there's also how to work if you're a morning or if you're an evening pupa then they'll Assan different types of insurance to you. Same as what you were talking about with the fennel just absolute madness when it all comes down to the amount of Dada that they collecting from everything you do that we using the examples of one of these UK supermarket chains in the book because this famous story from WalMart, remember when a father stormed into WalMart, and he complained that the company was trying to normalize teenage pregnancy because his daughter, he's sixteen year old daughter was getting pamphlets in the mail, avatar. Housing, you know, nappies and bottles moisturizing cream for stretch marks. She was getting all this stuff. He was angry and they kind of apologized at first and they called him back to apologize. Say sorry, they must be something wrong with the data, but then he actually apologized on the fine and said, look, I've realized that off to speak to my daughter, that there was some things going on in my home that I wasn't aware of and she's ju- in August. So the out go, that's famous story that the algorithm could tell vice on purchases that she was pregnant before her parents knew. So that's where it gets creepy in the head. All these examples where the policy of the account, remember the name of those particular supermarket chain in the UK their policy was when it crosses over that creepy line. 'cause another case where an angry wife came in and she said, you know, I'm, I'm getting all these ads and recommendations for condoms. She's like on black. Uh-huh. I'm on birth control, and my husband's certainly not buying condoms 'cause he wouldn't shade on me. And so the official s- position of the supermarket, I always say all sorry, there's an era in algorithm Wiggins the data, but every single time, this north, an era in the algorithm, it's because husband was chasing on her and he was buying condoms using their what's. Oh, wow, but that's the, that's the policy just always delete earned and say, all sorry, there's an issue. Well, it's coming down to this whole idea of the moment of opt out is actually this real sort of movement behind this whole concept of opt out opt out of these things start get involved in them. But the point that's been made by Bouchon in clicky to kill everybody is that you can't up dad anymore. No matter what you do. You don't have to be able to track everything even down to components are in your mobile phone, that able to listen to your conversations and it's not the microphone which will explain let glad you going on technology for positive tension coming up because for the fray section. Of this show. I wanna talk about a new book from David Spangler cold, techno elemental..

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