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And you know, when Fidel came to power Julio lobo actually thought that he was going to be able to manipulate or handle Fidel and my dad told him he really did. And my dad told him Julio no. Julio told my dad nabia low money hammock. We're going to handle him like a puppet. And my dad saw the writing on the wall. Things were getting a little shaky because of Fidel wanted Julio handle the ministry of sugar. He finally then put in Che Guevara. But my dad put in. He put in the Che Guevara? Yes, he was handling the ministry a while. The ministry of sugar, that's such an oxymoron. Yeah, because they wanted Julio lobo to handle it because obviously Julio was the sugar industry. Him and, you know, some of the other big players in the sugar business was one of them that is now a very wealthy big player in Florida. But my dad saw the writing in the walls. And he said, you know, I'm going for a medical checkup, and he went to Boston. Where he met with his friend, who I called Theo Julius, Julius rosengart, who happened to be the accountant for Meyer lansky. Now, when Meyer lansky was building the Havana Riviera in Cuba, he got some financing from Banco financiero, which was owned by Julio lobo. And my dad and Julius independent of Julius working for Meyer lansky, they just became great friends. And that's when I can interrupted just the second Louis. So Meyer lansky is a known mafioso from the New York City families for those who don't recognize that name. And if you don't know who Che Guevara is, he was a devout communist that was part of the Castro regime, participated with the guava model and communist regime. I believe he's dead now last I heard, is that right? Yes. Che Guevara became popular and anybody that became too popular for the dog got rid of fidela sent him to Bolivia. He said, you know, you're a revolutionary. You're a true revolutionary, you know, does blue smoke up is, you know what? And sent him to Bolivia, and he thought that he was going to be able to do the same thing he did in Cuba and just the bolivians looked at him and he said, you know, what is all this? It wasn't like Cuba. They became proactive, and they got support from the Cuban people. Bolivians were just odd and they sent them into the jungles, sure enough CIA came went down there with rangers, nailed them. Felix Rodriguez, he's one of the guys that comes out in one of the narco series. Having to do something with Kiki camarena that, you know, well, you all know he's right. The DEA agent Felix Rodriguez a Cuban CIA guy was one of the last guys to see check it out. You know, when one of the Bolivian the order was to bring him in, but then they decided to shoot him. Che Guevara, things happen. Going back to Meyer lansky because he was known as the mob's account and he's also was associated with Charles Lucky Luciano. I mean, these were some big name crime family, so during that time, but what you're saying is your dad was never mobbed up like that right. He was a pure straightforward businessman, no mob connections in terms of business. Whatsoever..

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