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About him again thanks to our friend Aaron Klein at the bright part next hour but he was making a strong but your regular channels for communication in other words the president decided to go around the state department that has these bureaucrats at the state department very very upset back door in secret and shadow undertakings just the first president to do that what about Washington what about Franklin Roosevelt and so many others what about Woodrow Wilson and there are others yes and we'll talk about them because actually it's happened many many times in American history but you won't learn that from legal analysts like Dan Abrams Sir left wing cook websites like Mediaite media matters or left wing sites like the Huffington compost certainly won't learn it from the editorial pages of The New York slimes whether Washington compost that's for sure anyway I thought we put to sleep this issue via of lynching so we put together montage for you of Democrats in nineteen ninety eight repeatedly likening Clinton's impeachment to lynching I noticed today you don't hear anything about a right Mister minister Joe Biden John Kerry Gregory Meeks Danny Davis Jim McDermott Charlie Rangel Harry Reid cut eleven go even if the president should be impeached history is going to question whether or not this was just a partisan lynching.

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