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Haven't returned to the to the workout class class. Classes right. yeah this is my first one. That's big huge. But anyway let's read our listener on scale win ladies mine on scale win is keeping my shit together while i run a small business and pregnant with twins and with a deployed husband. Smiley face i recently moved to florida. Our third state in two years. My husband is a navy pilot and deployed in january two weeks. After he left. I found out. I'm pregnant with twins. I this is a movie plot after over a year of trying. And getting a little help from a fertility doctor. By the way. We're expecting in september and i have to say i'm just proud of myself for keeping it together mentally while i go through this by myself. Wow i'm thankful for my sense of humor. That's kept me company during the season. And i'm trying to stay positive and soak in all of this time. I have myself by myself before my life turns upside down. I've been able to eat. Super healthy and intuitively. It's working wonders for me and the health of my roommates. It's definitely hard. Not being as active as i once was. The only running. I'm doing is running out of womb womb space but i feel like pregnancy has been a complete reset for me and the time alone do hubby's deployment has given me. A sense has given me a lot of space to folk myself and prepare for the transition into motherhood and being a working. Mummy uliassi's are podcast. Bff's and have given me so much through the stories you share that i can never thank you enough. Thank you thank you. She leaves her name. But i'll say she is twinned. Mommy i'll call her. i'll call her. Well adjusted beck bella jesse this credibly well-adjusted adjusted she sees on. She oughta herself so great job about as well adjusted pregnant pregnant. Working mama batch. I think it's killing it. I think it's also great to like take a moment and pause and it's not like she she's only she did not one thing like i went to his class. She's doing something and she's taking a moment to acknowledge the fact that she's doing something extremely hard and that is a winning. Its of itself. So i also applaud that like gratitude. Step back a symptom of her being well adjusted. She did write to odds us. Yeah i really appreciate you sharing good luck. You should go listen to batches moms and we hope you're everything goes great with your husband and everything goes wait with your pregnancy and and you know your twins come out. And they're not too much work totally. Good luck this episode is sponsored by green chef. Green chef is a meal delivery service. Green chaff lets you choose from.

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