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Enjoys a sense of humor and single most that time how did he managed that well we had a girlfriend for seventeen years but right still single so they leo leo's another one nobody can tiedown leo he just keeps going to go that's true so so what's the mix of lake musicians actors comedians celebrities weren't talking like set nineteen seventy eight what's when people are out like new york had there was talk about studio fifty four others the disco scene in new york what was the scene in la well it was a mixture of all of the people that you just mentioned because he i guess it was around mid mid seventies you know in the sixties musicians for the most part and artists where separate as a social culture than than the film actors and actresses that started to mel come together in the seventies and by seventy eight it was just like if you went to whatever the spot was were you know maybe it was a factory or the daisy or yeah i don't know those clubs it was everyone was a famous actor sitting with a famous musician ours i can't comment on new york i i spent some time there yeah the longest i ever was in new york i think was three months longest at one time but new york was while can new york how the model's yet elliott the actresses la had the actresses free they had the sometimes in the seventies or late sixties actually the music business music industry moved from new york till i but new york still have the models so the la the courtside scene for laker games doris day oh has got credited as being like the first celebrity who sat courtside in the sixty s i don't that's true i i never saw her there but it felt like you nicholson real good front with her son terry melcher but i never saw doors stay there it seemed like you nicholson made it a thing because then all of a sudden wedding mannion's they are and then it just kind of snowballing when we first started going with jon canard i.

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