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One of my favorite prince by probably cost out so totally something completely different has my price on used to say all right and that is the blinded miniature that line miniature and my an ot eight you are this was a series the picasso did in nineteen thirty four of images and people line minutes worse my favorite one of the series of the what happens to the minute toward of course it's a soft portrait of picasso so to speak but the metaphor for picasso in this image right it's interesting that night print i remember seen this and i great night print exhibition back in nineteen eighty three by her first work at the national gower of art this was one of the oh gosh maybe ninety or so prince highlighted in that exhibition and i never forgot it and i just looked up and looking out of a fabulous copy of it i think i don't think this is the national galleries copy might be the university of chicago worthy art instituted chicago but you see the minute torre very muscular his head just bleeding it seems howard it almost didn't in pain or helplessness being led by a very pretty girl with with the dove the idea that finding safe harbor so to speak even if the person who's guiding you if you're mistress at the time murray trails of of all chart in nineteen thirty four the idea of picasso who's life at home with us absolutely in turmoil and he was trying to find some kind of relief in his rp was going through period of depression and he was a probably helped by the fact that he entered into a at a fair.

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