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Six nothing the brave look young. The dodgers looked experience. They had long ball. And they got an outstanding. Petrie from Hyun Jin Ryu, and look that was the story pre-game shot. Ooh. Kershaw Davey rapper. Should what will supposing you win it, and you have Kershaw for two and they stay on the same schedule. It worked according to plan for the manager for the well it really did. And it doesn't change anything for game five if needed both review in Kershaw will be on full risk for you would obviously have the extra day. But I really don't think it was a roll of the dice. And Dave Roberts told you before the game in the interview, it wasn't really about Clayton Kershaw and his postseason numbers. It was about how well hinging review had been on the baseball his numbers at home. Route standing his last restarts. Only giving up one run. Obviously the right decision for game. One all the home runs. The dodgers yet. They're not gonna hit them all the time. But the team record led the league, and they hit three on this evening, boomer we talked about the key for them was to go deep because it's what they've done all year long. We knew they were seventy two and thirty. Five this year when they hit at least one home run. We know they led the National League with over eight hundred runs scored and a reason for that was because they led the National League by a lot but hitting two hundred and thirty five home run. It's what they do. They pitch. Well, they defend well now, and they go just quickly for the Braves, and I get to say it, and it's not a knock they would agree. There was a rumbling bumbling stumbling game for them. I mean in an all account a pitching, it just it just weren't. But we shouldn't take that as a team that came from nowhere in one ninety games that are shown there over their heads. Right. Another game. Annabel Sanchez gives them a shot. Well, you're going to have games like that. But the problem is it was a combination of everything from me instead of looking tonight like the twenty eighteen Braves they looked like the Braves the three years before that we'll see what they come out with tomorrow. Well, that's why they play all of the games as somebody once said once again, the final the dodgers six the Braves nothing in game one of this master five LDS.

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