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Everybody today and I just wanted to mention it because that's just kind of a cool thing a bottler who served at the White House he served under eleven presidents from Eisenhower to Obama died just died he's he was eighty one years old he died from corona virus his name is Rick Wilson Roosevelt German so he was through Eisenhower Kennedy LBJ Nixon Ford Carter Reagan bush forty one Clinton forty three Obama that's pretty impressive and apparently it wasn't until the Kennedy administration when Jackie saw him and said you know you've been such a good guy we want to promote you to but looks like he was doing some other things you know sort of low level things before that but anyway but not just you know nice little rest in peace to Mister Wilson Roosevelt terminal let's face it you fancy yourself as wanting a Butler at your house in the mansion on the hill and honey we have many we don't call them Butler's we call them are often well the first question I want to ask everybody is now that Cuomo is patting himself so hard in the back that he needs to go for a chiropractic adjustment because he's opened up five sections of New York state construction manufacturing retail you can drive up to the curb make you pick up I forget one of the same I have yet to hear anybody saying can't wait to break out up to the finger lakes off Gloversville or Amsterdam Onondaga county or even if you re county which has been opened is this because nobody has any money right now well I don't remember at first people were saying the danger here is if you open up upstate everybody from downstate where we're still in a lock down Long Island channel lockdown Westchester mid Hudson that they would start going upstate take the new York State Thruway as anybody out there actually because they've opened up ever so slightly upstate in the five regions ventured up there because you figured you could do more things up there then you could down here I. numbers one eight hundred eight four rate W. A. B. C. that's one eight hundred eight four eight nine two two another question I had is for those of us who have houses and so we can have like maybe a little laundry little backyard are you finding yourself doing things are thinking about more things having to do with home entertaining you know thinking about how you're going to adjuster will mean because we certainly have that's what you know because of this coronavirus we decided we're going to redo our backyard we're gonna make it a little bit more of a liveable backyard on we're going to spend money on backyard furniture as opposed to other things and you know I think that's directly because of coronavirus now you know okay take your time at home that takes me back in time to hand him over to our house knowing that you can find her looking long ago when I was a kid right on the corner of Pennsylvania Livonia Avenue in the heart of east New York where he kisses Brownsville Brooklyn was a huge store a fortune off you know the jewelery hello yeah they have a big picture of the guy with a push cart the original fortune off was over on Belmont Avenue in Brownsville pecan Avenue selling his wares I know they've gone into the patio business yeah yeah right yeah it's got to be the same family I think they will then that miracle mile there you know in Nassau County issue going on northern Boulevard out you know to the Noles Schulman also I like cheesy I wonder if you wind up with all furniture from our regional we've gone to I will not mention the call yet yes exactly we've gone a fortune off to look at furniture what way back and it was pricey did your Wayfair is having a great sale right now it's seventy percent off of a lot of the furniture did your husband pick up a ankle ratio for you at the time because that's where everybody went to fortune off when I was a kid no he did not I I don't wear ankle bracelets not that I have a problem with them it's just I'm not you see I don't wear a lot of jury I never really we're gonna show you how to you know the supreme cushion and I just like my fourteen karat engagement ring right here that's plenty of jewelry not a Japanese Jewish American princess not the last of my technical board it's jewelry centralized I loved I like diamonds though that's all right you qualify during a lot of children and again the big story of the day believe it with everything going on all over the world the news once in awhile that does and will Donald Trump wear a mask when he goes to the Ford planning yep so any right outside of Detroit the largest Ford manufacturing plant in the world Willie knight and the Michigan Attorney General has said if he doesn't he cannot come back to Michigan any longer and Ford company will pay a hell of a price because we're coming after them if they don't enforce that rule and scratching my head and say you got to jam suggest burst in your state thousands of people having to run for their lives as the flood waters are coming to day towns and the big issue is whether the president is wearing a mask on not wearing a mask on the very same day that vice president pence we do what would self quarantine is actually down in Dade County where you apart yes that's my that's my spot having a lunch or brunch with governor Disentis indoors in a restaurant right across from each other at a small little plasticky looking table right and Formica window mass and sitting your people who are not wearing any math so they obviously do not believe in nothing they don't believe in social distancing okay cool kids with the truck which American that they did so many other issues but again if that's the fixation vine well because I guess it's the message that if he sends a message that it's important to socially distance and that's what's going to help when we open up our country that's what's going to help us keep the numbers of infection down yet he goes out and he refuses to wear a mask because it to me that sends a message that he doesn't believe in social distancing and I'm not sure what my listeners supporters start following the the box the over on the point spread away the president is going to be wearing a mask today because it probably since gamblers degenerate gamblers can bet on many sports events what do you got you got horseracing Coldstream in Florida you got UFC bouts that take place she got golf that's taking place other than that you're really on sports soccer in Germany so for degenerate gamblers should probably taking this out so would we like to take action not the we're gonna be passing any money I say that absolutely no way he's gonna wear a mask I number is one eight hundred eight four ray W. A. B. C. that's one eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two and then to a very serious is you that occurred yesterday in the daily read the already press conferences eventually realize como can call the second son of model factual but it took one more I don't know where after two months with a massive numbers of senior citizens who have passed away while they were in lockdown in senior facilities all throughout our state long term and we have facilities he's been hammered of late as to why it issued an order as Murphy did in New Jersey forcing the nursing homes to take those patients who are diagnosed as being positive corona virus and then for the very first time yesterday we heard him blame the CDC and president Donald Trump this is a political season I get it I refrain from politics I'm not going to get into the back political back and forth but anyone who wants to ask why did the state do that with covert patients in nursing homes it's because the state followed president trump's CDC guidance so they should ask president trump I.

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