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J. will davison marilyn. Dave means i'm starting just field all day and twice on sunday because i know we can't win with all right fair enough. Okay say let them finish up and say we're not. We're not rule like around the food. I gotta finish up. We have a long meeting. We get route to the collared. A very warm welcome right so everyone better be on notice. Now if you're on the line for caller roulette like i will cut you off. If you don't come with something to say nothing not playing around today. Tired a little bit. I'm so be ready jet skis girl. Go get him. Checked right pop on the jet skis on the east river next. Everyone better ready keyshawn. Jay will even presented by progressive. Insurance guest joins us on. The goodyear hotline. We're gonna play a game lead to lead spin the wheel of every single time. Line one young. James montgomery from georgia go ahead. James montgomery from georgia. I heard you. What are you guys saying I was wondering why You guys don't talk about the vikings much because they make the playoffs. And i've been a vikings fan ever since. Tommy kramer anthony. Carter chris carter Adrian peterson randy moss. And i think they're gonna be competitive this year. The vikings are good. They're going to be competitive. In kirk cousins is a really good quarterback. Go fill the quota for talking about the vikings onto the next call. I like i said this earlier. There's not moving the needle us lately like there's not much. There's no owns there in minnesota right now. Like we're gonna need a little something something from them. Why spend the wheel senior yes. Adam feeling is legit. Yes line. Who to adam from adam from beautiful smokey's muggy bakersfield lifetime dolphins fan. You were talking about some pressure on the quarterback. And i tell you what miami's defense this year is going to be top five four sir. There is some pressure onto. But i say there's more pressure on the line cause to as healthy he's gonna bring it. What do you guys think about miami winning the division and and riding into the playoffs. Where i don't know if they're gonna win visit. I started going to be competitive for the second spot. There's no question about that I don't think they don't think they quite there. On the winning division part offers a line has to stay healthy and to has delivered defense. I think the defense will be fire. I don't know about top five but they'll certainly be fire. That'd be top ten. But i look a lot this year. Depends upon what happens with the shawn. Watson situation how that pans out and also to a can continue to progress to be quarterback being elite quarterback in the league serviceable. Yes remains to be seen. What his ceiling is been the wheel. Good morning line. Four.

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