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Coming up at eight thirty four you will not wanna miss that it is a powerful presentation put together by our colleagues in the news department so that's coming up at eight thirty four did you did you hear this one interesting dynamic going on right now between no one of the more i konic figures of the civil rights movement and aren't come a president president donald trump this according to think progressorg in a statement released thursday afternoon the trump administration blasted representative john lewis democrat of georgia for refusing to accompany trump to the opening of a civil rights museum suggesting it was disrespectful to civil rights leaders this is the president speaking lewis of course is one of the nation's most prominent civil rights leaders earlier this week representative benny thompson republican and lewis who was chairman of the student nonviolent coordinating committee and one of the big six civil rights leaders announced they would not attend president trump's planned visit on saturday to the mississippi civil rights museum characterizing his presence according to congressman lewis and his cali as an insult quote an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum that according to think progressorg so as i said before interesting dynamics going on right now between iconic civil rights leader john lewis of georgia a stork lee and in current time i mean he still evolved still involved as he playmaker in congress and well respected and president donald trump so we'll see how that relationship unfold so in the coming months wtmj news time eight fourteen actually 815 time now to check in with the wtmj sports update another exciting night of the bmo harris bradley center the bucks put the finishing touches on a perfect homestand unlike silva back to back the bucks showed no signs of fatigue shooting over 50 percent from the field while yana sanchetacumbo carry the offensive load finishing with thirty seven points thirteen rebounds and seven assists in a wall one seventeen 100 victory over the utah jazz sending the bucks to a seasonbest five games over 500 justin garcia wtmj sports election are good readers off of rest before heading to new orleans four tip off there on wednesday in other men's college basketball yesterday andrews andrew rowzee scoring twenty.

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