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And david being who he was when completely the other the other way so his whole ream it was to do an anti an anti pretty picture so he would use louvred lighting awkward louvred lighting costing light on the background all these kinds of tropes of what it was to be a bit nath a bit tacky a bit off a bit weird and push it into your face and and therefore creating something completely new and hadn't been seen and he's most wellknown of an amazing effort calvin klein images later and of course kate moss as rise them i mean an obsession at an off he shot the obsession note under that that was a but that was marisa relative that our image as yet add straight image of from kevin claim that air is due to him no or an s exactly what happened was that this group of photographers changed fashion overnight forever and the power of that was such that it couldn't be denied now we're very powerful creative directors of the day namely far beyond baron who was the creative director of help his bizarre the great bastion of american fashion the home of avidan and all those guys back in the days in the fifties and sixties and he took this new generation and scold them if you like in commercial fashion photography so he took the rawness he took the the the creative boundary pushing and his philosophy was the magazine could have a couple of stalwarts at the time i believe it was patrick demange clearing is now a controversial figure of course and peter lindbergh seed have to save pairs of hands but at the top of what they were doing and then you'd give three or four of the young guns the opportunity to grow and to make it freshen exciting and he did so with help is bizarre.

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