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The closest she came in these three attempts to actually crossing was about three quarters of the way which took ten and a half hours later. Kellerman would say she thought she had the endurance to swim the channel but not the raw strength in her nineteen eighteen book. How to swim she wrote this. She didn't think a woman would ever successfully swim the English Channel. She was proven wrong. In one thousand nine hundred eighty six when gertrude? Etter Lee crossed in fourteen hours. Thirty nine minutes not only swimming. The channel but beating previous record time by more than two hours. Today there are lots of women swim across the English Channel including swimming at three consecutive times like swimming. It across one way and then going back and then going back cross again which is astounding to me so in. Kellerman first attempt to swim across the English Channel. The male swimmers who were swimming that night were allowed to be nude but she had to wear a swimsuit that shaved her skin just terribly and this brings us to her efforts to make suitable swimwear for women which we will talk about more after a sponsor break support for stuffy missed in history. Class comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by quicken loans. Home today is so much more than it was yesterday. But it rocket mortgage home is still about you during these challenging times. We're all experiencing the top priority. Rocket Mortgage is the health and safety of the communities. They serve and while things are changing quickly every day. One thing that will never change is their team's commitment to giving you the best mortgage experience possible that's why if you need mortgage support. Their team of experts is there to answer questions and offer solutions. They understand the hardships happen. And they are here to help. Whether that means working with you to save money on your mortgage or finding a new way to navigate payments if you have questions. The team at rocket mortgage has answers. They know how important your home is to you because you are important to them if you need mortgage assistance. The home loan experts at rocket mortgage are available to help twenty four hours a day seven days a week from their home to yours. The team at rocket mortgage is with you visit rocket mortgage dot com slash history to learn more call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and consumer access dot. Org Number Thirty thirty this episode of Steffi Mystery class is brought to you by best fiends. I like my job but sometimes I need a quick break and one of my favorite things to do. A break is something that involves puzzles and best. Fiends is a puzzle game. That is very casual. You can play it whenever you want to. For whatever amount of time you want to be long or short it is a game made for adults but it's full of adorable bug characters which are my part of it. They are fighting off slugs in a game that you progress through with a series of ever changing puzzles. This is a unique and exciting experience. That's unlike other puzzle games out there. The game is updated monthly with new levels and events so it never gets old. Engage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters. Download this five star rated mobile puzzle game on the apple APP store and Google. Play four free that is friends with our best fiends.

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