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Big eu is definitely earned a besieing looked mahrez winning is seen hazard when he yet i guess they're kinda their wingers would you say they're wingers they're definitely wingers but i in the passage steph we all gone delayed strikers like the honorees the drug buzzed the the rooney's who's kind of uh like the ten role and stuff like that so it's it's been a very nice reprieve i would honestly say that lead to hail rush if should always be in the contending because he's i think one of the best players the premier league but it is sucked he's a goalkeeper yet and we're back with the news on paul scoles which i did a young gugel real quick and it turns how interestingly it was the premier league player of the month a bunch of times who is in the pfa team of the year two times and he was never the overall best player in the league at all which is you know he was fantastic but i'm sure that like you said these awards have just started going to midfielder would end nice as yet transition i i've i think that's honorable because i think they can't always be the striker i think with those players they score in assist so for me it's nice to see that they are taken recognition to other players yeah and it's it's kind of crazy i'm i'm so excited where the premier league is at right now where these midfielders can have this huge effect on the team um but to quickly go through the rest of the games uh this weekend swantje oh my god they got defeated again by everton who's no longer on fire anymore sam allardyce in his pies right in the should lead that his mother fucking job away it is wholly crabbie's genius um my only positive i can key i take out of the ira to crack might be absorbed on i'm i'm ahead of the curve at one standard deviation above like bigs him.

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