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Mass shootings females account for four percent of mass shootings. In the united states. overall women are less likely to commit homicide with ten to thirteen percent of homicides in the us carried out by females. Women are also less likely to use firearms to carry out their homicide impulses with only eight percent of firearm. Homicides committed by them. Today's focus is about a woman who broke the norms. In every way. Okay onto the show. It began like any other faculty meeting. It was three o'clock pm on february twelfth. Two thousand ten faculty and staff from the university of alabama and huntsville's biology department had just filed into the small windowless conference room and the shelby center for science and technology the department chair distributed printed agendas and the meeting began after about fifty minutes. The meeting drew to a close. And amy bishop a neurobiologist. At the university stood and withdrew a nine millimeter route from her purse. She turned and shot. Gopi pedala the department chair in the head. The other individuals in the room set in shock for second that stretched out like eternity. While amy pointed the gun at stephanie monte-carlo department assistant the bullet found its mark and shot another individual adria johnson. A cell biologist. People began reacting screaming trying to find cover and trying to escape the room. Unfortunately amy was blocking the only exit. Amy aimed at a fourth person. Maria ragland davis and shot her deborah moriarty colleague who considered amy. Her friend watched in horror and in disbelief as a shot. Maria snapping to she dove under the table screaming at amy to remember. Depres daughter and grandchild. Deborah flung her arms around amy's legs in screamed. Amy don't do this. Amy look down and pointed the gun at deborah. Amy pull the trigger but the gun just clicked. She pulled the trigger again and it clicked again. Deborah crawled into the hallway. And amy followed pulling the trigger over and over as. Amy tried to repair her gun. Deborah ran back into the conference room where she and other colleagues barricaded the door inside the room. Lay three of her colleagues dead and three others bleeding profusely from their wounds and other colleague joseph being told reporters that amy was methodical about executing her colleagues. Everyone who was shot was sitting on the same side of an oval conference table as amy the remaining individuals were on the other side dropped to the floor and try to use the table as cover. Meanwhile amy who was locked out of the conference room decided to leave. She cleaned herself up in a first floor. Bathroom washing off the gun. And throwing it and her bloody blazer in the trash can. Amy calmly walked to a lab and asked a student if she could borrow their cellphone then called her husband. She told him she was done then. Tried to leave the building via loading dock. There was a sheriff's deputy waiting for her and she was taken into custody immediately. The question started.

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