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You just say listen if tony soprano walter white we're real people i wouldn't be a fan of them but you know you like to produce your you like the characters you like the acting the writing the way it's shot breaking bad and all that's that's that's all that is if you consider breaking off with their over this and i would say i think you should i mean if this is enough to make break it off you might as well you know just i wouldn't drink your tap water for a couple of months apparently i'm controlling is the name of this yeah i'm gonna say just by that title i'm going to say that you are apparently i'm controlling people always like get called out on this shit with it's like that bearded contin the flyers every time he fucking takes out somebody's knee and every time it's like so blake what the fuck you just did it's like totally away from the park complete penalty always puts his hand foot the fuck did i oh dear billy bunghole i recently started dating this lay and everything was going well so i decided to invite her to a mariners game for opening weekend you know had i knew going to say the name of the baseball team i would've switched it just in case i don't know so much somebody figures out anyways i knew she was a baseball fan would be excited to go i invited her and she said that sounded really fun so i was really excited as well i told her i would take care of the tickets because i knew finding tickets for opening weekend would be hearts and she agreed and said she would pay for food and drinks look at this everything's going great so far it's like a classic horror movie you know they get to the fucking crystal lake everybody's good time it's all the joy to the first time they go.

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