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Make sure they get it feel dawn between now and the start of next season wanted people in the states, they share. No, I don't see it that way. I don't think the Graham will be like a mouse content will refuse to go deep in. This not is way. It's not a style. He's not going to be a guy that puts himself above the team throughout this season. I don't believe the ground. We'll tell Mickey Callaway, Dave. Hey, guess what? I don't have a contract. I'm only going six innings. That's not Jacob degrom. However, what you need to be mindful of Inese extension. Talks is if Jacob degrom goes to the final year of his deal. We're sitting here at this time next year, and he goes into twenty twenty into an expiring contract, you Mark my words, don't go too. Free agency in the Mets will not resign. And to me if you're the Mets that is one player, you cannot lose. He's just way too important. He's too damn good. At some point in time. This spite the fact that he's got two more years on the contract, you gotta do right? By your best player does to be the moral. Does it have to be next week? I will put the mandate on opening day twenty twenty within the next year. Jacob degrom must receive a contract extension. If he does not I think he will be playing elsewhere. So you have that going on? And then you have Kiowa Murray making it official. He will be an NFL quarterback. He will enter the twenty nine thousand nine drafting is no threat at least for now about Calum Murray. Taken his talents to baseball and make no mistake. Kyle Marie is an intriguing fascinating quarterback option for quarterback needy teams that I understand the narrative that's out there. He's undersized. These too short. He's came won't translate the next level. If this was the year two thousand six if this was the year two thousand you know, what I think I'd agree with a lot of you guys. You look at the batted balls in college football..

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