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Friends helped and it was just wonderful. So I gotta do it. Z just the state is just mismanaged. It's terribly terribly on. They can't and they're just letting it go on. They get me with the test. I got to go get Now. Trust me. They made the mistake. I'm gonna go get my nose swab together. Grand Island E. Look, your nose must be hurting by now. You know, just unfortunately, there's enough of it. Thank you Spare something. Hey, detectives on the road, 6 52 only have like seven TVs. Thanks, Challenge. Let's see what's happening out here again. You mentioned the fog. So please be careful traveling around everybody. Let's go out to nine south bound on that ramp to Tuo Tuo in Peekskill that the breeze built to watch out for earlier problems on the arterial in Poughkeepsie cleared out of the way. If you're heading to 80 west Bad optics of 57 Patterson. It's an accident with injuries. 15 South Bend of Berkshire Valley Road in Jefferson and accident there as well. Inbound G W B. That's about 15 minutes in Lincoln, Tom Holland. That's 20 minutes getting into town. We're still seeing some stop and go traffic this morning as you take a ride over to the westbound side of the BQE getting down past the ground Central with an accident of Bruckner eastbound at the Hunts Point drawbridge. It's an accident on the East Bank. Rwanda's heading right into the prospect. Ah, collision blocking one. Elaine, you now know where not to go. I'm Debbie Do him But Joe Piscopo am night 73 Answer Journey into the newest program on AM 9 70 the answer real estate today.

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