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AD child taking your phone calls eight seven seven three three seven six six six six it's Frank yeah it's actually Mike in Canada get here on the fan Michael hello Richard how are you Hey Mike very much for taking my call yes and I've got two two main things about the Yankees it bothered me for a long long time number one I realize the pitching you know it's been a little rough in and I agree with you the fact that the competition even a lot better but there's two other things that have been bother me I'd like to get your comment on the number one this team seems to not believe in the in the idea of manufacturing runs like so many other successful teams have been able to do I was watching the game last night every time you turn around Boston had men on base position other skews me situational hitting things like that the Yankees don't seem to be able to do that and the second thing is that they it seems like everybody in the line up from top to bottom there SO one saturated with these old ones that if you watch them swing it's like everybody from labour Tories to like I said the whole line up everybody swinging for the fences and you know like as you pointed out as you when you get to the playoffs were you please better teams if you've got better pictures they're going to know how to pitch around that kind of that kind of mentality and they're not going to be successful and the last thing is that I I I object to the fact that Erin bloom he's a good man is our stuff but he is very stubborn when it comes to leading people in the front of the line up even though they're not hitting well he did it with Gary Sanchez before you got hurt he's doing it with Erin judge Erin judge looks lost at the plate last a week or so and I I don't know I don't know what to say it's very frustrating as I had Yankee stand so we okay well let let me address all of these things in one fell swoop here I think you're criticizing more of last year's Yankees in this year's rankings because look with a DJ lemay here of course is hurt but with the coming of him they have hit to the opposite field they have move runners along show those that they are a a much more cognition team of heating and situations and they used to be they take a lot of pictures I think they're they're they're approach is pretty good now you have a couple of guys you mention Sanchez who does seem to be an all or nothing at all guy and it was all for a while but you know with the injury and everything else it's that nothing at all and to an extent I I see that with Erin judge now Erin judges talked about level swing heading in the opposite field and they were looking at his poll rate yesterday and they basically said he's not hitting home runs to left field necessarily he's he's hitting most of his home runs to center and right field so he is trying to go the other way I just think he swing an awfully hard I mean he's got such awesome power that in it you know he would like to just that I guess is what he is but instead of you know a hundred and twenty mile an hour exit velocity a few ninety eight mile an hour exit velocity hits the right field would be okay with him and I think he'd maybe stave off some injuries they're just not not try to kill everything because even when he swings the opposite field is trying to kill so I think he might be able to back off a little bit on that and and look Aaron Boone it's a it's a tricky thing because you got to keep your players motivated yeah keep your players happy and yet when guys are doing the job even if you've got a indicate that you know we can we can have a bad second of every year your swing of the bat the way you are we can drop in the line up some but you can't do that based on a few games that has to happen over a longer period of time and I know as a fan you get impatient you say wise you know and that's why the change but you know you can't be jerking your players around a lot that doesn't work you have to have faith that sometime Aaron Boone it's going to click and he's going to be the awesome header any still living over three hundred and it's not like it's not like Erin judge I'm sorry Erin judge is is striking out all the time and not getting on base number three hundred it's going to fall in Merrick here on the fan Paul what would you Hey Paul could you get off the speakerphone you sound a little distant there okay I'm sorry speaker speaker will be okay restricting all right better go ahead it's better okay listen I am a big messy and I'm a seventy one year old the mystery and I go back before might start to go back to the Dodgers I really believe this team should stay intact and make a move we're only six games of the wild card now I can't see so when all of your pages you're not going to get very much four Wheeler at this time will it could be a big picture for us for years to come we should re sign him I that's that's what I think but I I don't see them willing to do that they they have made absolutely no move toward Hayes act let's sit down and talk about an extension they haven't done that so a fairly they're not going to and if you're going to lose him at the end of the year anyway do you just say okay we'll let him walk will tender him so that he won't be desirable to another team and maybe they can re sign him in the off season or something along those lines but if if you're at a point now where Zack Wheeler is clearly not going to come back and you can get something of value for him I guess you got to do it but again it's gonna be something of value I mean if it's one of those salary dumps like we saw Alderson do a couple years ago at the trading deadline move this guy this guy this guy was gone you didn't get much of a return you just saved a few Bucks and I ate you know it's not my money I know it's the will times money so we can be cavalier about it but really your short changing your fans if you do that his fans need a reason to come to the games for the rest of the year and I understand you can't you know you can't mortgage your future and just because you want to win eighty games instead of seventy six games I get that but I mean you got to give us reason to come to the park it's gonna Frank in new Rochelle you're on the fan Frank Hey rich audio I'm really having trouble with and I've called before concerning has been a not willing to pull the trigger at least today you know I don't know what his Cashman's decisions going to be on the line it took courage are already of the windows ten year run this will be the first decade I think this is accurate if they don't make the World Series will be the first decade in the history but they have not made the world so it will not win the World service jasmine has had a big payroll for the last seven eight years they have been done really much the philosophy of getting under the luxury tax I understand but even with that they still spent a lot of money so jasmine doesn't want to pull the trigger here or even next year if there isn't enough available for him to pull the trigger on the starting pitcher then the clock has to be checking on Cashman's tenure as GM okay well he okay let let me let me ask you this though if if he has to give up let's say that somebody be willing to give you Madison Bumgarner have to give up labor Taurus would you do it I think I would only because as good as far as is and can be I love the philosophy you can get a second baseman Castro was a second baseman who I think after before towards that he was an excellent second baseman second baseman's or dime a dozen pitching starting fits in the top in the rotation or not so that's the ultimate question all the time will they give up a guy like cause but I think you have to roll the dice well all right Frank I heard what you had to say and I I couldn't disagree more I mean I I talked about this yesterday said to Sweeney we we we I threw a theoretical legend wouldn't happen in a million years but let's say the mats were willing to trade Syndergaard to the Yankees for bluebird Taurus would the Yankees do it and Sweeney said unequivocal oblique and he quit the cut believe sorry no they would not he said look this guy is young he's only gonna get better he's got MVP potential for the next ten years and center guard is is much in his fans love him and all that the whole four thing has not been an ace he's been a hi it's Coleman underachieving guy but he hasn't reached that level that his stuff dictates that he's got and you only have can control for the next year after this one so you give up a possible ten year and the pizza guy they we have under control making five hundred fifty thou for Syndergaard wouldn't do it so if if you wouldn't do it for sender guard we do it for a Madison Bumgarner on the downside of his career no way so I I I do share your frustration that yes yes yes you need a picture but if teams know that and are gonna make you desperately overpay and you know what let's side used car as let's you know throwing whatever name you want you know the teams are demanding big time returns for the Yankees so this is the poker game that that Brian Cashman has to play everybody in the world knows they need pitching and everybody in the world is going to keep that price tag really high until the very last minute in in you know this is the way it works in any negotiation when you get to the last minute you know you're in that car dealership and you're ready to walk out the door because the dealer doesn't meet your price then you start to walk out the goes wait a minute and that's when you get the best price and that's pretty much what's going to happen here it's going to be most likely last minute where it comes down to a team saying you know what we got to get something for a picture maybe it's Jack Wheeler and I'm not saying the Yankees ideas act with her but Hey we got to get something for this guy rather than nothing okay give us your best offer.

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