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News this is All Things Considered I'm Mary Louise Kelly and Ahmadi Cornish life in Seattle is changing because of the cove in nineteen now break the elbow bump has replaced the handshake gatherings from women's March yesterday to university classes have moved online in everyday decisions like whether to grab a coffee ride the bus even take prenatal yoga have become more difficult as NPR's Leila Fadel reports there are sixteen pregnant women in this yoga class at a Seattle studio N. as peaceful as it's supposed to feel here there is that underlying tension that runs beneath everything in the city these days before they start objects in the instructor addresses the class I don't mean in a way we thank in due diligence and we do that all the time and and so after you leave if you guys don't mind to save a little extra time right down the box for me corona virus and the disease it causes cove in nineteen is on everyone's mind Jackson spent almost six hours the day before disinfecting because people are still coming is there so much hate there's the anxiety people feel it and so we were calm breathing relaxing in will we can't isolate this thing closer to the sharing circle cobit nineteen dominates that to just the rent I need a lot of encouragement to come here today from my husband and Lena Stockton totally everyone I'm not feeling like crap about the state of the world this week and the fact that he went into this world the state these types of conversations they're happening across the city as Seattleites cautiously go about life despite the outbreak of.

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