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Basic problem has not been solved by the Rooney rule, and this lawsuit actually has done in a way more than the Rooney rule. So since Flores filed it, we've had Tampa Bay bucks hired Todd Bowles who's black, dolphins to replace Brian Flores, hired Mike McDaniels, whose biracial Houston Texans hired levy Smith who's black and the Carolina Panthers put Steve Wilkes, who's also in this lawsuit, made him their interim head coach. So that's four hires since this lawsuit. So arguably that's because of the public pressure that this lawsuit brought because it was a very high profile case and teams had to answer for why aren't you hiring black coaches. So Brett, I just run into you on the street and I say, hey, the boomer 50s out, what's the most interesting thing about it? Like, how would you sum up this year's list? Wow, so I would say the most interesting thing to me is that the far reaching effects of the war in Ukraine. So we have Vladimir zelensky on the list, obviously. Is the president of Ukraine? Correct. But then you start to think about people like dalip Singh, who are also really on the list because of the war in Ukraine. And then we have people like Robert habeck, who is the economic minister of Germany and had to spend much of this time figuring out where else they were going to get energy from. So every year there are stories that pop up that do have these sort of far reaching impacts on the list, but none I don't think in the 6 years we've been doing this has had more than Ukraine. Brett begin, thanks so much for talking to me today. My pleasure. Thank you

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