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Nine forty eight traffic and weather together on the eight. Sponsored by subway restaurants. Here's Bill Durham Edens expressway. Inbound his nineteen minutes from lake cook the Kennedy, but the outside slowing pockets from the Kennedy out to Dempster twenty-five minutes for Montrose out to lake cook road, the Kennedy inbound thirty five minutes from O'Hare if you use the local lanes, the express lanes are a bit heavier than locals right now. It's twenty five minutes from the Edens in the locals thirty-one and the express lanes. Use the locals save you a couple of minutes, outbound Kennedy tend to Montrose twenty eight minutes out to O'Hare. The Eisenhower inbound forty six minutes from route three ninety twenty nine in from Anaheim, outbound a minor crash on the shoulder involving unite odd vehicle, that's it Costner. It's forty two minutes to Mannheim, fifty fifty-five out to three ninety Stevenson inbound fifteen minutes three fifty five to lakeshore drive forty in from the tri-state the outbound side of I fifty five is delay-free half hour out of the veterans tollway. The Dan Ryan inbound at twenty seven minutes from ninety fifth downtown seventeen from downtown out to the split fifty seven no worries in around the Bishop forty amount. Twenty five minutes. Eighty ninety four into the Dan Ryan merge. No, outbound delays there lakeshore drive. Northbound slow through grandpa, southbound heavy from Lawrence to pass Fullerton is a crash on the shoulder there. The tri-state northbound slow approaching eighty third street Topaz, that's because of ongoing roadwork in the center, I pass lane is blocked. Then you're heavy from Stevenson to Ogden northbound moral Dempster before willow. Andrew Jan passed one thirty two still southbound tristate, okay? No worries on the atoms or the Reagan three fifty five northbound slow from seventy five to Butterfield and army trail the to ninety southbound heavy from Roosevelt the Butterfill the southbound fifty three on the brakes. Gakuen Higgins noted as an eighty ninety four or I sixty five the Indiana toll roads, all good traffic sponsored by subway restaurants. They're raising the stakes were subway restaurants steak chief signature rap to pull day southwest. They cheese signature rap and the chip steak sub on their new sunflower crunch bread. Limited time only at participating restaurants. Get traffic and weather together on the it's every ten minutes on.

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