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Podcast all one word really talking about investigative journalism for riders We're gonna talk about some of the investigative cases that Nancy's had some of the tip. She learned maybe how that might even help riders of fiction. And so we'll do that But just to tease out a little bit that now You really were involved in some interesting cases as investigative journalist in houston you took on this group called the american educational complex and and then there was a scandal in the private schools. Where even get sued. Which i'm sure endeared you to lawyers even more true true. Yeah of course. I was an investigative reporter there for five years and a pretty large variety of stories but thought a pick those two because the american educational complex was really matter most memorable case and went on for two years and presented som aspects of danger And the other case was the first and only time i've been sued said at thought those were both pretty instructive which is why i chose them. American educational complex cases pension fund. Scheme as i understand and the the other case involving the private schools. You did get sued but it had a happy ending. They dropped the case because they didn't have a case to begin with a you had reported accurately on what you had observed but just briefly about that You know you went from that to. We'll talk about this in your writing life segment here in a little bit but When you are doing this investigative reporting work you said there was a little bit of danger involved in that I guess it Six feet tall. It wasn't too easy to add right. I mean you're right right. Yeah the one thing they did was put out a sort of a wanted poster on me that People were to see me on campus. They were to reported immediately in the picture on there. And it really did collect one of those wanted posters from the fbi or something And i was pretty sure. I was followed. Yeah i was kind of a scary tab was talking about more happy time. Which is the publication. This book Looking at the book cover Our listeners can't say they'll see it in the show notes that they got a charlotte russe podcast dot com. It's a very.

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