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To 6. Also in that open mic in the W D video app. Just download the app. Click on the open mic. We will play those throughout the show. Of course you here are chimes. We are in Storm center right now, a flood advisory issued for Southwest Lake Orange and Osceola counties. Lot of heavy stuff heading your way as well. If you are in downtown Orlando, as I'm looking at that wdbo interactive weather radar right now, and I mean, this thing looks like a Jackson Pollock painting right now just blotches of yellow and green down in Polk County and Lake County, whether it's winter garden, Mineola and further west and it's moving up north. And further east. So Wes Seminole County starting to see some stuff if you're up north east in Brevard County of us right now and kind of in in Northeast Seminole. You're not seeing anything. But there could be a little bit of rain headed your way. But Southwest Lake Orange and Osceola counties right now, all in a flood advisory and correct me if I'm wrong, Joe, that flood advisory is until 10 30. Is that what the weather service issued 10 30? Yeah. Shoot until 10 30. All right. So until 10 30, so batten down the hatches for the next hour or so. But as I said, a lot of heavy stuff coming our way here in downtown Orlando as well as, uh, West in that Lake County and northwest, seminal counter, I guess, West Seminole County at this point in time, Nick at night, right here on Wdbo. If you missed the open of the show, I opened up talking about House Bill 2 33, which govern Iran. Dissent is signed into law this week. I think it's a slippery slope for our government here in Florida to say Hey, if if you're these governments and you'd I'm sorry of these colleges and universities. And what this bill does, I guess is it's saying that colleges and universities professors, students have to take a survey. And based on that survey, they're trying to find out whether or not there is enough inclusive thought and whether enough whether or not enough ideas are being discussed in the classrooms. Now on a broad on a broad Guess. 30,000 ft view of this. Get it like I do. I think that there should be freedom of speech. Yes, That's why we have the first Amendment. This feels like a law that has already covered. It's called the First Amendment. Freedom of thought, freedom of speech. It should be accepted, especially especially at the college level. When you're 18 1920 years old. We all remember. I mean, I I remember when I was 18 years old going to college classroom. You think you know who you are? You don't know who the hell you are. You're trying to figure out what you know what you think. You know what? You don't. Most importantly, you should try to figure out what you don't know. And what you believe. And colleges and universities should not be pushing. Specific views. And Governor Ron De Santis is thinking, okay. I mean, listen, we've already done the critical race theory thing on this show. But he is trying to make sure that enough ideas are being presented on a 30,000 ft view of this, I get it. I think it's a very slippery slope when the state government starts telling educational systems That unless they teach what they think, is proper in the way that they think is proper. They'll pull their funding. Very slippery slope. Don't know. What do you think 8445893 to 6 is that number? It's 84458093 to 6 and one more thing on this because I found a quote that I felt like I heard before you tell me If you've heard this before I need to Levy, who was speaking on this topic. She's the senior program officer at American Association of University Professors. She called this law a solution in search of a problem. Go ahead and just go through the mental roller. Dex here quickly. Where have we heard that before? Two weeks ago. Transgender athlete Banda de Santa signed two weeks ago. The law banning trans transgender athletes from competing in Florida Athletics. Florida High school athletics. Law that was signed by the way even though there isn't one documented in this state. There isn't a single complaint that has been documented in this state. Once again, this is back to back laws. Now the governor Rhonda Santa's has signed And while I believe in the totality of what he has done here It feels more like brand building than it is governing The state of Florida. Alright, 84458. Oh, 93 to 6. I'm getting the wrap it up signal here, So I will do.

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