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Uh-huh Back here on Lewis and Logan show Rick. Lewis Kathy Lee and Dave will not be joining us here for this. Hour this is a very short. Show Here we have less than an hour because the Rockies and Braves are. Coming up but we will bring on Mike Klis our Broncos insider brought. To you by cred dot org Colorado wins for responsible, energy development and Mike how you doing. Man I'm doing great happy Friday yeah Mandal weekday by Yeah. With, the big another Why do? You say big in? Preseason, in the same sentence Probably be over there Mike and you're right. We reserve the right to jump on and off and bandwagon Hype and minimize at our discretion That's. True well we can do that you. Can do it. Your, Mike Klis. Don't. Forget that yeah Mike cliffs yeah. Now you got a TV thing did you ever think you'd have a TV career Well honestly. When. I was a kid my dream. Was to be the Chicago Cubs announcer on TV Oh you, know I was rather naive. Then, I, grew up and I looked, in the mirror and I'm like I got no shot here Baseball Yeah so, yeah it. Was it. Was it was unique was fifty six when, I when I finally got my childhood dream for all you youngsters out, there it can happen Don't ever give up, on your dream kids look at look at me? That's, awesome yeah, so we had the bears in town to practices with the Denver Broncos would you see out there Mike any any concerns, or? Optimistic of thoughts from you well you. Know they on on offense and I'm hesitant to say this because we all we. Did was, just give all these glowing reports right I'm on case keenum and the. Offense and then they went, out a later nag. On the preseason opener against the Vikings but again keenum and. The number one offense. Had their way against the bears defense the number one bears defense especially the first day the. Second, day, was, yesterday was. A little. More dial back it was more scripted it, didn't look like it was quite as full speed as the as the, first day Wednesday Keenum and those guys had their way the defense I thought the number one, defense you know one day overall against the bears although there is a two minute drill or the bears took it right down and scored so And then, the number, two defense chase Daniel went into, the backup quarterback hall of fame this week he just he towards the Broncos number two. Defense In on the first day and. Particular so they got some secondary problems secondary problems Coming into the. Game tomorrow with some guys next up including curse airs so, it may not. Look it may not. Look pretty again on defense in the preseason but we'll see keenum keenum looks good there's still encouragement for the Broncos that they're. Going to have a better offense, this year All indications point to that here in, training camp and as you mentioned that first. Game against the Vikings that was disappointing the only two series, in two three. And outs let's hope. For a better performance coming up on Saturday but based on what you're saying right now With. The way the the chase Daniel was able to have, his way with the number two defense the outcome, of the game. The score which is meaningless anyway might not favor the. Denver Broncos is what it sounds like well That that's one at that that's one part, of the game you know, then then you got the three, you got the ones in the threes second tribute to the. Scoreboard You. Know another I do think the Broncos. Should have the advantage because And I don't know how this plays but. The bears started about almost two weeks training camp before the Broncos did the bears were the first start training camp because of the hall of fame game the Broncos or in among. Four teams that were the last to start because they had that late I appreciate. And game on a Saturday rather than Thursday like so. Many other teams so, the Broncos, seem to have fresher legs number one and then the altitude you know when you, come, in, on a, Tuesday that that at that altitude can you. Know like whoa, Kwan Smith the first round pick just sign this week He was really suck and wind this week in practice a couple. Times so I think the Broncos will have the advantage that way and other than that the preseason record yeah Rick let me point this out the Cleveland Browns last year will foreign. All in the preseason they were all in sixteen in the regular season the two. Thousand and eight lions or foreign all in the preseason. There in sixteen and, the regular, she should tell you what the one loss record the preseason I'm glad you pointed, that, out, and of, course the Denver Broncos last year foreign oh Yeah Yes Season what happened? Then Reading the, the Chicago media yesterday they seem pretty happy with how they looked here against the Denver. Broncos this week You know the bears are team. That's rebuilding they ever new coach maybe young quarterback they're, glowing reports about Mitch Trubisky in these scrimmages against the Broncos did you see that He looks pretty good I mean I. Like I like him You called the the first. Preseason game, that was the first time And you step foot on the. Field in as a parole and he lit up at Bronco defense he looked really good. And Soldier Field last year Did not play as. Well as I thought he would as a rookie Goes to show you the difference between. Preseason and regular season one reason why I know Bronco fans were disappointed Kyle Slota was let go last year. And and maybe it helps explain why John Elway I'll let, them go there's there's just. A, huge jump, between preseason and. Regular season but Trubisky looks pretty good I you know here's the deal the Broncos and bears are both five and eleven teams and the bears hope have hope in that trubisky's in his second year after getting some valuable playing time as a rookie and the Broncos hope is on case keenum. A veteran journeyman, who had a breakout year with the Vikings last year and? You know is he ready, to put a couple of seasons together here so both teams. Similar different but similar in that all eggs are in their quarterbacks basket as far as having a better year Hey, Mike we're out of time here. We have to get a news update. I, wanted to ask you about teddy Bridgewater I don't. Know if we. Can keep you for a segment I on how much. Time you have sure if you can hang on we got a news break. We got a long break here but we can. Always call you back Mike Klis our Broncos insider because teddy Bridgewater is looking really good in the pre season. And he is likely to be a hot commodity for somebody, and I want to see. What, you think, about the Denver..

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