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At our best. So we just wanted to fix that. And, and come on harden and be better. I thought we were game four. In the best of seven series is Monday night in Saint Louis will Clark ABC news. Only from the ice to hardwood. The raptors in warriors face off in game two of the NBA finals tonight after a game one victory Thursday, the raptors looked to take a two old lead in the series over the defending champs before going out, west tip off in Toronto tonight is nine o'clock. Our next update is the three thirty I'm Sean Gallagher NewsRadio seven hundred w l w join GD IT and own career of possibilities. Apply now at GD I t dot com slash careers. DDAT is an equal opportunity employer. Disability veteran. Seven eleven has more drinks than times. You've been caught singing in your car a hand random Lear, extorting your. Brain combined. Choose from flavour-filled slurpy, and big gulp drinks, Chris coconut water energizing cold. Brew and hot coffee. Fresh organic cold press. Juices, invigorating energy, drinks cooling purely ice teeth refreshing. Dear part one hundred percent natural still in sparkling spring water. Plus many more only at participating seven eleven stores. Dot org. Americans are always on the move there in the car, or empty office or working around the house Americans refused to sit still. So how do you connect with all those moving targets easy with radio radio reaches ninety three percent of Americans every week more than Google, Facebook, and even television. But hey, who has time to sit and watch TV? So when you want to connect with all those constantly moving adults teams and millennials get iheartmedia dot com and foot. AM FM radio to work for your company. The iheartradio app has become number one for podcasts with a catalog that has exploded to over a quarter million of the best podcast from around the globe. Blue friends. This is Ron Jake Brennan hosted disgrace land, and I'm Chelsea handler. And you can find life will be the death.

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