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Okay I swore to myself. I'm knockin start, off by saying. Beautiful. But fuck you do. Thanks Moma. Way. I have to tell you though do you remember doing what's your number? Yes. Okay. So you have always been so nice even to the people who were number two, number three, number four, number five, call she which for listeners if you don't know what that means like number one means like you're the top after a show number two is just as important but you never made me feel like. unwanted. Welcoming. Even though you have so much on your plate to get that is such a nice compliment because I was just telling Michael. My fiance are worry the Thika Remembers what your number because I felt like having done house bunny and. A Lotta ladies, we never get to work with each other. But I was so honored that you and our other ladies were part of this project and I'm not saying that. This is one of my flaws as being like overly sentimental out of the. And adding that such a a valuable trade of yours seriously the in that was the thing that I was worried about. I was like I couldn't gauge if everybody felt supported in the way that I wanted them to listen I wasn't there very long but like from what I saw and the way I felt like Maya. Angelou says you remember how people treat you and I, have the utmost respect for you you were so completely nice and genuine, and you had a lot to do you're in every scene you know and so I really wanted to say that because I never got to talk to you after that tickets really means a lot to me because I think that. I was like, okay. I have to. The next imagine have to get my hair on. If into that readdress anymore. I hope the ladies are happy because I'm so glad. You know what I mean your producer like you know that Shit, I know and I just think if you're nice to people generally consistent where people are like, no, she's a cool person. She's Super Nice. That's who you are ticket. Both thank you and thank you for doing this today. Of course and I truly I was like don't tell her szucs. Beautiful. Don't do it to do it. I love it. I liked the idea of changing dialogue between women where it's like Oh. We're so focused on how we look in doing a podcast and I, did put on scary for you open up for you well. It looks great. I'll take all the compliments. I'll take it because I feel like women can do more than one thing at the same time we can walk and chew, Gum. So not only can you be beautiful but you'd be smart and hold a conversation right so I'll take an and I just turned forty so buck. Yeah. I was thinking also as you talk a lot about on your podcast about raising your daughter. So my son's about to turn eight and he's at this phase where he'll snuggle with me at night like when he sleepy or if he's like skin Disney or something like that but I'm so used to just like touching his head putting socks on him or he'll kick me or who like Swat me. So I tried to explain to him, I'm used to touching you your whole life I'm used to having to do all of these things. So in order to hurry things along when we have to go to the store and I need you to put your shoes and socks on and get your coat on I'm used to manhandling you. And of course that absorbed very deeply within him, he's like don't touch me anymore Jane. Stop it I think your daughter must be at that age where it's like, oh, she still needs a lot of the physical contact all the time, but she is getting into that place where she'll start to do those like, no, my own physical independence only way. Now I know how to do that is to like jerk, my foot in your general direction, right? Right Right No, my daughter is definitely at that. Phase where I overly kiss her I. Hug on her I just want her to know. She still loved I. Feel like if you feel your kid up at home, I mean eventually, she'll go searching somewhere else for something else that she needs. But I feel like at least let me bill her tank but my daughter is seriously like mob that's enough I keep kissing her and she's like no more no more. You don't anywhere and I'm like. I love you. She's like, okay. Let me watch frozen please. You know yes in. Like trying to put on a sock or something I don't up the kicking thing like I wanna be like Dude, kick me. Yeah and the other day I tried to explain to like listen we have to work this out. You know I I'm used to touching you and changing your diaper, believe it or not you used to wear a diaper. Don't do it. I mean I think it's your right to be like dude, put the down pay attention right now for two seconds like La is literally it's almost like butterflies in be like she just does not mention she's still have and she's like not moving where I need to we need to go. So you can still like play tricks with her. You can be like, Hey, L. Look over here. Look at this look at all my gosh. I. Think There's a butterfly or whatever. Just leads to be scared. She loves. Monster, she likes that voice teasing. This is how we have to like maneuver the rest of our lives playing games. Are you in La I am in La when I was working on what's your number I? Think that's the lifted New York I've moved to La like four years ago and I love California I just love and we wait. Yeah you are an incredibly positive person I think according to your bio but. But to get can you? Think of three things that annoy about Los. Angeles. Yeah I think one of the things is like the people who are from California who act like they're the bee's knees like they give California a bad name I feel like people who are actually from here are always the sweetest most down to Earth people but always people who are coming here who feel like they have to be something else in so everybody kinda carries this. You know like Jesse Jackson said you are somebody yes but you don't have to act like a pretentious blood hole. The second thing. Oh my gosh when you're eating out. And everybody looks at the door. Everytime it opened. Oh. Yes. Yeah. 'cause they're like Brad Pitt Comey is fairest. Mini. That's annoying and then third thing is. I don't have a third thing but right now those are the top two that are probably the most annoying when I moved to Los Angeles from Washington State. I couldn't believe how just geographically unattractive it was and I know you come from New York and like when you arrive in New York, you're like what is this story and when you arrive in La you're like. The city engineers was the no planning department because this is like thousands of miles of grotesque. You're like blind over smog or whatever, but I really loved Baja fresh. I really loved like this general sense of optimism that I totally mistrusted. Yes. I was like, what do you mean things are great like started.

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