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Planes. Mask on. Across the big frontier which was I took my first uber ride since pan-demic uh-huh Yeah I was going somewhere and the place I, was going it was someone's house and they had limited parking and. A few of those and it's like if you if you're comfortable, please say so. I, I was going I was in the Uber of my wife and now look Uber's come a long way in terms of like what you can preface before you even get in the car right? Like we're we're setting up the ride, and if you haven't taken uber in a while, you can now go and put I. Prefer a quiet ride. Conversation is your preference. CHATTY person and if we start chatting I feel rude like just pulling on my phone and act like the chats over it's better just to establish it before you get in the car right like it because it's like. Jerry Seinfeld with the doorman like where Jerry doesn't WanNa chop it up the doorman every time he comes into the building and the doorman just thinks he's really rude into good for this eliminates that this is I pressed the button, they get it I just want you know my wife would have substance talk about in the back of the car, right? So we get. So Hoover arrives we've selected that preference and I opened the door and as soon as we start going, you know there there's music playing he goes I'll turn this down since you guys said, you wanted to quiet ride and I was like all no. He's misunderstood.

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