John Philip Sousa, Democrat Party, Washington discussed on Sterling on Sunday


Washington's mall, one of 5.9 FM. W M A. L where Washington comes to talk. Oh, yes. John Philip Sousa. Great American Have they turned down the John Philip Sousa statues yet are their schools named after John Philip Sousa that should be torn down, bulldozed the Earth's halted. All the students told their racist. You know the Democrats way the Democrat Party, John Philip Sousa did write a little tune. Called the Washington Post march, among other things, But now with an tell mass and their new regime under Dr Evil, The Washington Post is adopting a new anthem. They got rid of that. Tzachi old John. Philip Sousa. Think they find this one much catch here these days. Rats you have correct. You are on the run. You collaborate. It may have been speaking of which, what's his name? Keith Overman is talking about what? What is it? Michael Trials for treason. Seven. It is. These people are fascists. They call themselves liberals, Herr Hitler's National Workers, Socialist Workers Party. Um, uh, You know, they were. They were famous villains, famous bad guys. But these guys, they're not inching closer toward them. They're very, very much like them. They don't like the First Amendment. They don't like the Second Amendment. They don't like religion. They don't like free market capitalism. Their enemies must be dehumanized in the pages of America's leading newspapers as the rats to collaborate that on Doesn't matter. You get no dispensation of your congressman Steve Scalise has already been shot once by a Democrat Party assassin or would be assassin, a suicide attacker, one of many Democrats, suicide Attackers since Obama came along See Baton Rouge and Dallas, and the list goes on New York City officers Ramos and Liu Really got the ball rolling. And then the Democrats their war on police, which is really a war on civilization and civil society on there's still dialing that up and think But this is this is the Democrat Party in 2020. And in response to Mike's call from Southern Maryland got, you know, talking to friends is hanging. I tell you, they better not come after the second Amendment. These these Biden people, uh and you know that the president the White House of still fighting the fight. But as a kind of been saying from the beginning, they're going to need this. Capricorn. One moment an obscure movie reference where you walk out with the proof proof positive and boom there it is slapping on the table. Undeniable if it's crawling its way through the courts and challenges and rejections and returns to court. That's not gonna happen in time for January, 20th. And if we don't have a Capricorn one moment between now and January 20, then I'm going to show you. Joe Biden will be sworn in as President, United States. And the fight will will continue now with the fight will continue in the courts, and the fight will continue in the public arena, and we have a spectacularly corrupt, obviously press you, You look at the Washington Post Publishing this this Joseph gerbils, propaganda and his guys not like old Ann. And over here, tell me you didn't know that this Was not only an echo of but a recreation of a reconstitution of Nazi propaganda. She knew it when she did it. Obviously I mean any that when I was 14 years old, I would have looked at this and recognized it as as Nazi propaganda. That's what it is. But there they look, these these people are anti first member their anti free speech. They kill it on campus..

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