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And clean drinking water residents filled jugs and plastic buckets with fresh water from a spigot in the church's courtyard. Churches have increasingly become the main social safety net in Haiti. As the government is wracked by rising crime and political chaos. The earthquake is just the latest blow here, says the Catholic archdiocese, which says sadly, the prospects for reconstruction are bleak. At the Church of God. The choir practice is out in the courtyard. Faith and song or what they hold on to Carrie Kahn. NPR news like I hate less, You say Whoa! I was This is NPR news. We have NPR news and kick You read the news coming up in under a minute after we check in with Joe with more Bay Area traffic news. Still good news. As far as the traffic flow on the freeways, no backups. The Bay Bridge. No delayed has been, uh, been developing even at the base of the incline is really not all that bad. Transit delay are not transit delays. Good news for Caltrain. They've beefed up service beginning today, and the baby bullet is also returning and also VTA Light rail has resumed limited service and Vita.

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