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And started their special forces units after watching you all How did that go down. And where did you get your training from that. They got The navy has of marchenko who wrote Red cell gajah about nineteen seventy four Terrorism and stirred to reread 's ugly ahead in europe Germans were undergoing a lot of attacks by the red army faction might not getting and of course the israelis suffered from the bellows tinian and tax and hijackings The british of gore's were going through their troubles with the ira and ireland but also in europe. The ira was tagging. British assets. sell the american commanders said they. We don't have anything Really handle this of the counter. Skyjacked airplay jack. Eighteen counterterrorism type stuff. What the iran hostage crisis would would be a couple you know would would be pretty Followed pretty quickly after that you know exactly. So about nineteen seventy four. They called on. The unit is a Can you can you come up with anything. The handle this and the unit submitted basically an op plan for Governor darrow's specifically air blatant jack so nineteen seventy four thousand nine hundred seventy five. The unit started ramp up for conard ariza mission. A number of our guys trained with british as a s. A special air service Am brought their tactics and skills to the unit we also drain with the german of burglars. The nine. Which was the german counterterrorist. Unit was created after the munich. The boggle and we add them in but from the israelis has a. We started a built up. Our we started to build up. Our capability is about nineteen seventy five. Yeah and we got the attention of the army eck in washington and they said okay. You're you're going to be in the yukon goner durham elements and so the unit was designated. Nine hundred seventy seven as yukons counter-terrorism terrorism element and as you mention the iran hostage taking nineteen seventy-nine charlie back with the head also had similar thoughts about setting up a counter earls of unit and he was given the green light about one thousand nine hundred ninety seven i believe and he was looking for or Inspiration in but And he visited gorse the the british and then he came to the unit a unit visited. Wash the dre. You saw our training visibilities that we built any took copies of every training document that we had put together. As you mentioned early beckwith. He came down and and when you were there and he took a. Let's back to the states marchenko game a little bit later about nineteen eighty one zeal. Zaentz zen of about that time. Wow you know this is some next level bond stuff You know again at hearkens back to us back in world war two It's just incredible Do you think that there's embedded sell units slight detachment a now. What do you think you think. In iran russia maybe Neighboring countries like latvia moldova. Romania saw are you talking about americans. Yeah now do you think do you think that we have a sort of detachment a like cell still.

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