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Houston we have a podcast welcome to the official podcast of the nasa johnson space center episode 35 a ride in orion i'm kiera jordan and other hosted a so on this podcast we bring in the experts nasa scientists engineers astronauts i'll till a you know the coolest information about what's going on right here nasa so today we're talking about nasr's deep space human space capsule orion unrivalled tickets outside lowearth orbit well beyond the international space station to prepare a ryan to take us to deep space we have folks here at the johnson space center working on development and testing of every stage of flight one of whom is jeff fox chief engineer of the rapid prototype lab at the johnson space center here to tell us all about orion and how the rapid prototype lab plays a role in its success we talked about some of the testing that's been happening for a ryan and jeff brings us the actual audio from those tests to experienced during this episode it really felt like we were taking a ride on orion so with no for the delight let's go light speed and jump right ahead to our talk with jeff fox enjoy neeman and like county mark monitoring award honored when rare army galling new then we have on there thanks a lot to for coming today to talk about kind of a ryan any you are the chief engineer of the rapid prototype labs array that's corrected thanks for having me i'm excited to be here and talk about talk talk to you today fantastic all right well we're gonna kinda get into the rapid prototype lab and i'm really excited for this episode because uh the whole idea of that lab is you can kinda sit down as sort of experience uh some of these tests voice.

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