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Can did not will dive into the ap situation and just bitter but you're right it was a it was a terrible game offensively on all sides the ball erik dekker was looking for his first catch late in the game we talked about how maybe he was coming onto the scene last week not so mary oda look like he was bouncing back from an injury but just a tough game at a brown's front seventy as well yeah an inconsistency from that tightens offense and so it's tough to trust weakening we got and then you know they do have that that running back by comedian you don't know who is going to be weaken a week out murray your henry and it has it makes plug in it you know starting those guys a tough order are right saints in the packers green bay moving on with life without aaron rodgers brett home the kid out of ucla takes over and of course that just hurts all fantasy value for packers exponentially are still sunday morning cold i hit you with the text i saw leonard fournet wasn't going to play and so i was able to grab chris eyebrows up early for forty known as pregame and so i'm like a grad chris i grass will to scitex you 'cause i know you're in the same boat and then you hit me back i said i said i couldn't get ivory i said i need to start two of the four of gore dion luis aaron jones or a tariq cohen and i said what did i say to you i said what gore dion lewis all right i was afraid you know aaron jones coming off the game i wasn't sure after last week's game if erin jones come in was really get a split carries again with montgomerie 'cause they were pre i mean i think there was one or two touches separated them for an unknown reason the guy the guy yes i figured you know maybe maybe monitor this for one more week i know that i can put aaron jones e without four net and then of course that first drive it seventy yards and a to get ripped off that forty six yards did you right back then so i.

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